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  1. You can still get it as a teen though it is generally caused by other conditions if you get it that young.

  2. If they revolt against you don’t cave to the demands, just fight them. Once they are in prison you can just revoke their land and give it to better vassals.

  3. This has to be the worst flavor pack, that blue Hawaiian is vomit inducing

  4. is this a past hangover talking?? 🤔

  5. I just didn’t like it at all, I honestly couldn’t tell what flavor it was supposed to be

  6. I’ve seen Ivar make custom kingdom of sudreyar, I’ve also seen halfdan make England, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ai take a major decision like that, though I’m sure it could happen

  7. London is not within the dejure empire of Scandinavia so it’s not considered part of the elective boundaries of the title. In this scenario if you owned enough land brittania would be the primary title upon succession (since that’s where the previous capitol is). Otherwise it’s difficult to keep a non dejure capitol under elective succession as the game still thinks it shouldn’t be your capitol.

  8. This would be a fair fight at least, I think people are underestimating the durability of full plate armor with layers of padding and chain mail. Although the biggest factor I can think of would be the size of the person, a person from the 1300s regardless of rank wouldn’t have been much taller than the mid five foot range. Compared to today when the average person in most European countries is maybe 3-4 inches taller as well as physically stronger and larger. I think a well trained royal or noble knight would easily have a chance of winning if they didn’t get knocked down. But the bear has the natural advantage of course due to sheer size and strength. One swipe from a large brown bear could easily dent and possibly puncture a steel plate, although the technology of today is arguably much better than 1300s Europe so it is certainly possible. I’ve personally seen modern armor take quite a bit of damage without breaking or truly injuring the men inside. Wether or not 1300s armor of the same style would withstand that same punishment is debatable. If the knight can create range that is the ideal scenario but bears are fast and heavy so good luck pushing it away with a spear or shield.

  9. Unless the knight has a spear and knows what they are doing, it would be 95 - 5 for bear (assuming it is the bear in photo)

  10. Again I really think you’re underestimating the durability of full plate armor with proper padding. The knight would be able to take several hits before any serious damage is done. But overall yes I think a brown bear would win although it wouldn’t be that lopsided.

  11. Star Wars as an ip can still be saved if Disney execs could just admit what an abject failure the new trilogy was and remake them. Shit they could use the same actors and everything but get one person to write all three and there is no way it could be as bad. Better yet give complete creative control to filoni and favreau, have them remake the new trilogy, and then delete those three insults of movies from public memory.

  12. It’s part of the spouse aid buffs, basically if they are good at what you are asking them to do they will gain traits that help with that. For diplo it is gregarious, diplomat, etc, since shy is the opposite trait the chain involves them losing that trait before they get gregarious.

  13. Gift all in faction would be nice too, when it’s late game and money is no issue like this

  14. Isn't it true that you get the nickname only after founding the Kingdom if England? Alfred is pretty broken, stats talking, and it is normal that you found the Kingdom before you die, but if you don't then you are not given The Great nickname.

  15. It’s based on prestige and ruling for ten years apparently, no info from the wiki but I’ve seen a couple people look up the code from a quick search. But I have always gotten it at duke level before I have a chance to form England

  16. Anyone can achieve that title in the game if they expand and win enough battles. I've seen Alfred found England himself during several playthroughs during his lifetime.

  17. There are only 4 decisions that give you the epithet ‘the Great’ it is never awarded for any other reason

  18. The problem is that nobody in Hollywood could ever have an idea this good, nobody in that industry is original especially at a large studio

  19. This only works for counties, duchy, kingdom, and empire titles at the moment. Check the title from the dejure radial menus and there should be an option to rename title under the succession tab.

  20. I always ally with Venice and help them expand when I’m not playing in Italy, eventually the children of previous doge will come to your court and you can press their claims to make Venice part of your realm.

  21. You don't matrilineally marry your daughters to the whoever before you land them? At least they'll be of the same dynasty.

  22. I guess I did phrase it wrong but that’s what I mean. I usually land the intelligent peasants from that one event after I marry them to a daughter matrilineally.

  23. Wasn’t he the guy lecturing English kings on the merits of anarcho syndicalism?

  24. We take it in turns to act as a sort of Emperor for the week

  25. How do you end up with huge amounts of gold like Makos III? I’m a very casual player but I’d like to make it rain lol

  26. Built up over the course of the play through, I played markos for almost 30 years until 1453 and he had admin and avarice plus greed focus and law dynasty legacy. All told I owned duchy of Sicily (later given away), Latium, and Thrace with single counties of Jerusalem, Baghdad, and Cagliari

  27. How was Artemis feral? Was he a lunatic with the event causing him to wear no clothes?

  28. Lunatic and possessed, he only got the throne bc he had three virtues. I should have known he wouldn’t stay as the perfect character, the game simply doesn’t allow that.

  29. It’s in Ironman… I completed several trophies in the same campaign.

  30. I’ve never once had a rivalry formed from executing someone’s family, but deny them an artifact one time and it’s a feud.

  31. While I agree with you, I think the point is that the cook knows it's not venison, to an extent, and if it's what she assumes it might be, she'd want to handle it as little as possible. If you put love into cooking human meat, like other meat we cook, you're, kind of, like, making it no different... which you could argue, should be the point.. "if you're gonna try and pretend it's venison, cook it like venison." But I think it's more like the cook is disgusted and thinks, "I'm not putting more effort into cooking this than I have to."

  32. I’m sure she knew to an extent, but I’d think if she’s being forced to cook it she would at least cook it properly so everyone doesn’t get sick. Putting raw meat into a soup/stew is a big no no in cooking

  33. Yeah. Man, if you’re going to eat your dead buddies, at least show some respect for their bodies and cook them properly. I wouldn’t be mad if my friends ate me after I died, but I would be mad if they threw me RAW AND UNSEASONED into a pot of stew.

  34. Fr my boys better put some hot sauce on me at least

  35. Nope, levies are static based on several factors like vassal contracts and buildings. Try buildings that improve the damage of your men at arms (barracks, camps, and some duchy buildings.) Army quality is based on your overall army strength so having armored footmen with their base damage of 30ish will be low quality but with a couple barracks it’ll be more like 50 or 60 and your army quality will improve. Certain cultures have special units which are automatically higher quality than their base variants (konni, cataphracts, varangians, etc.) Strategist helps a lot if you lead your armies as the perks will also increase men at arms damage significantly.

  36. This is possible because your empire is weak. You have low troops, low income, and no gold reserve. If you are stronger than the mongols they won’t attack you and if they do they generally collapse afterwards from the losses. I think you’ll still win though, console mongols are still trash as they have to raise their troops in Mongolia every time.

  37. I had one game in which I had 160k+ army and mongols had 35k. They still declared war on me.

  38. Same thing happened in my latest byz game, my 150k+ army stack wiped them in a complete slaughter. Mongols went from 56k to 3, and collapsed while temujin was still alive. Like I said they can’t handle losing lmao

  39. Prison-feudal complex under torturer tree makes almost all imprison chances succeed considering you will also have lots of dread

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