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  1. I love this so much and I’m honestly so sad this isn’t a whole thread because I absolutely love the photos and could care less about the song the pictures show all of the different ways that love looks and feels

  2. I think the one part more than any other I would've never solved on my own was the

  3. Same! That was driving me nuts until I finally thought about checking Reddit for hints since the comments weren't helping!

  4. Just jumping in here to say my mom is also having this issue. It's bizarre

  5. Right?? Hopefully we can find some answers soon!

  6. I have the same Problem with my mom! Did you ever find a solution?

  7. No!! Unfortunately we didn’t!! Let me know if you find one!

  8. New Creative Floor: "Model Trains" Max Stock at level 10 is 12,312 -- 24,624 -- 36,936

  9. could i have the smoothie shop and optometrist? BNK59

  10. I went in the order that the comments came in so I only had one auto dealer left but I sent it and the men’s fashion over to you!

  11. Can I please get the hot dog bit if you still have it? Thank you!! My code is 9LHHB :)

  12. Thank you haha, only if it isn’t too much, I’m mainly just looking for lvl9 Bitizens in the creative.

  13. I just sent you 2 floral studio gold bits! I'm doing a rebuild and had some extras to give away!

  14. Yep! Gold bits have a 9 in every category!

  15. You could send the leftovere to 8WS3C :D Thanks in advance !

  16. Sent the last few over to ya! Hopefully you can put them to work or find someone who can :)

  17. Sick! Thanks again! I thought I would be too late for sure!

  18. Nope! I've even been stalking the last few giveaway posts to try and get rid of them quicker so I can rebuild!

  19. Hi there! I'm Lruss108 (Lindsey). About 9 months ago, I reactivated my account from 2011 (aka og Tiny Tower), so this tower really feels like my baby since I've raised it up from 54 floors when I restarted!

  20. Tell her to pay attention to the alternate exercises offered on the floor. There's almost always a variation she can do. Plenty of people with injuries choose those so she won't be the only one.

  21. I completely agree with taking advantage of the alternate exercises! I’m 23 and look like a healthy 23 year old. However, I have lupus which makes my joints incredibly painful sometimes so I definitely take advantage of the exercise modifications (and if the modifications are still painful, I either repeat one of the other exercises or do squats/crunches to fill the gap). I know our coaches are always willing to come up with other alternate exercises too if needed!

  22. As I recall, they removed that option about 6 months ago? Maybe longer.

  23. Dang it, I was hoping that wasn’t the case but that’s what I was thinking probably happened. Thank you!!

  24. Or if you turn the sound off and play funny circus-esque music like Yakety Sax

  25. Could I please take 1 golf sim please :) Thanks! code: B37BR

  26. i’ll take 1 ad studio and 2 art please! code:8TMK

  27. Hi! Wow you rock! I'm not sure if the list is updated but if it is, can I please have any of the following?

  28. Hi! Do you want them all sent to your main?

  29. Hi! Wow you rock! I'm not sure if the list is updated but if it is, can I please have any of the following? 2 airline, 1 game store, 1 Italian, 1 or 2 mapple, 1 robot store, 1 sushi, 1 vegan.

  30. Enjoy all of these additional bits except the bookstore :) and you made a museum clone!

  31. Thank you so much!!!! You rock!!! I was able to upgrade some of my Dream bits and send my old ones to friends with requests to share the love!

  32. Could I please have a volleyball and two paintball bits please? If that's too much you can definitely do less! Thank you so much!! 9LHHB

  33. Omg his name is absolutely perfect for his dream job! Hopefully he found a happy home! I just added you and will visit as often as I can! I'm 9LHHB and will always accept new bits and share when I can :)

  34. So jealous! That's the best kind of problem to have! I won once from the raffle a few weeks ago and nothing since!

  35. Could I please have your 9 barber shop bit if you still have it? Thank you!! My code is 9LHHB

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