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  1. Reading about her on Wikipedia, she was kinda cursed.

  2. I dont listen to anything but the sound of the tractor and implements

  3. I played FS for years before I knew there were in game streaming radio stations.

  4. Are they trying to get around trademarks here? Because I would imagine that that 4, 43, and 7 logos on the second shirt would be trademarked, and that PettyGMS could issue a C&D.

  5. The phones were down because of the storm that cut power the night before the flight. The movie did their best to explain this.

  6. Atlanta with Gordon and Johnson on worn tires. Both guys were on the edge those last laps trying to get everything the car would give.

  7. This is the one. I've said it before, but that one felt so good as a Gordon fan because around that time people were talking about how he was washed up and needed to retire. That race proved he still had it.

  8. For the 08-11 years I had gotten used to Jeff doing well then JJ comes up late and passes him, so it was nice to see this not pan out that way.

  9. So 4 or 5 men brought guns to a children's birthday party, shot at each other, hit the children yet "none of the witnesses from the party, including Kaiden’s mother, assisted the court with how or why the gunfight happened or who the shooters were, the judge noted."

  10. Yet these events are why I may have to give up my semi auto duck guns.

  11. Chad had done some surprising stuff before the 48. I used to think he went from changing tires on the 24 to crew chief on the 48, but I was wrong. I only recently learned that he was Darrell Waltrip's crew chief on the #1 for DEI in 1998 while Darrell had his brief resurgence. Then while crew chief for Stacy Compton in 01, they qualified top 3 in all 4 plate races (he had some speed somewhere).

  12. All those articles pre-date the most revised list from Nov 24th. That's the one everyone is most angry about.

  13. Clearly assault style clothing too. Black clothes = not allowed.

  14. Despite the thrashing this grocer takes in the news almost daily, their prices are normally still better than Sobeys where I live.

  15. TBS used to have the fall Charlotte race before the 01 tv deal, and it was a snowy channel on my cable back in the day (Canada, channel 33 I recall). Audio was good, picture was terrible/snowy. I watched the entire 500 miler in 1999 on it to see Gordon win his second straight after Evernham left and it gave me a headache.

  16. Most of our MP's aren't capable enough to handle the expert deflection and distraction CEO's are capable of. I'm certain some shiny board position or corporate job for one of their kids will distract those grossly mentally inadequate MP's yet again.

  17. Good point. A lot of big company CEOs are not fools, MPs meanwhile....

  18. They are so full of preservatives you could probably keep them on the car dashboard in the tropics and they wouldn’t rot

  19. The McDonald’s fries under the seat in my car have looked the same for years

  20. When I was 16, I had a friend over to watch a hot new movie on DVD: Rat Race. He wanted to put on some popcorn, so I directed him to the kitchen while I played some Tony Hawk. 15 min later smoke comes billowing out of our kitchen. My friend had misread the instructions somehow and the bag caught fire. After putting it out myself and opening all the windows (we were home alone on a 30 degree November Saturday), I called Pop Secret to register a complaint about their listed cooking times (even if my friend probably put in an extra digit or something).

  21. I bet the same thing happened to Ferko before the lawsuit

  22. Worth mentioning, and I don't know how they do it, but some local "meat market" type places near me offer increasing savings compared to the national grocery chains of late. Its not perfect but some are more competitive than I can ever remember.

  23. If people ignored him a decade ago, he would never have gotten anywhere. Instead, media gave him 12/7/365 coverage from the moment he questioned Obama's birth certificate.

  24. Good thing people have lots of firearms to hunt with … oh wait

  25. Jeff Green and PPC Racing were just on a totally different level in 2000 with the Nesquik 10 car. 25 top 5s and 6 wins in 32 starts. Then he really didn’t amount to much in cup after that.

  26. Green was like a top 3 car each week for 2 years. They also switched oems during those years.

  27. A video of him eating ice cream at the tennis event would go viral on instagram and he’d be so embarrassed to be the “ice cream guy”

  28. You need a garburator for the drain

  29. That went over my head for like a decade until I got it.

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