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Twitter is no longer enforcing its Covid misinformation policy

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  1. Is there a doomsday clock pertaining to Twitter’s impending implosion? I’d pay to watch that shit…. I mean, asking for a friend.

  2. The last time I traveled north/Midwest it was on every single public space tv I came across -hotel lobby, truck stop, restaurant…everywhere

  3. And I wonder if the reinstatement of Trump will precipitate an even faster drop in ad revenue.

  4. Years ago I was at a bar and there was a guy hitting on a girl who was sitting next to me and wouldn’t leave her alone. My girlfriend was the bartender, so I was just there and was listening. When the guy went to the bathroom, I asked her if it was ok that when he came back I told him that I was her boyfriend and to take a hike. She agreed and I did. He left her alone after that. I always felt good about doing that.

  5. 7 P’s in action with a slight change to ‘Poop poor’.

  6. Agreed! I used to be able to feed my 5 kids for under $30. Now, my wife and I have to spend almost that much just for us, and that’s without drinks!

  7. "Life plus 120 months"? How does that work? After he dies they keep his corpse in the cell for 10 years?

  8. A female acquaintance at our 40th high school reunion: High School was the best time of our lives. Sad

  9. There is only one conservative ideology. Once you understand that, everything makes more sense. The only true conservative belief is "I get to do what I want, you have to do what I say". Once you frame it that was, all of the hypocrisy and the mental gymnastics and the obfuscation fade away.

  10. Lindsay Graham is not a doctor. He's never been married. He's never had any kids. I'm not convinced he's ever even SEEN a vagina before and I know damn well he doesn't know the difference between a fallopian tube and a labia.

  11. Since Boo(ing) is a negative action, my wife and I refer to hers as Yaybies

  12. Fun fact: people in those blue squares have never left those blue squares

  13. That’s been my take all along. The people who drink up this shit wouldn’t necessarily face the repercussions of this insane way of thinking like the more populated areas.

  14. I taught for 2 years, and now I'm trying to move up to management level at a large company.

  15. I agree 100%. My wife taught elementary school for 28 years and I’ve been a general manager for over 30 years. In our conversations about work, there were so many similarities in our experiences that we would joke about it. Definitely many of the same skills.

  16. I just tested this out. On instagram you go to the search section, select the places tab, type in what you want 'cafe' for example

  17. Aren’t these the same people who believe Michelle Obama is a man? How does that work?

  18. Plus if a relationship feels like work, then something is wrong.

  19. Agree 100%. Been married 25 and together 27. It’s never been hard, at all. We’ve had disagreements and personal difficulties, but have always been there for each other and have become stronger for it. I realize that I am a very fortunate man.

  20. Maybe they haul things that don’t allow the hatch to close and they use them as tie downs.

  21. Try not to put the horizon in the center of the shot. Give it more sky or land, depending on the intended subject.

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