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  1. Well yes, please do spell it out. Incest is defined as sex/reproduction between close genetic relatives, most of the time I've seen anything from 1st cousin or closer. If you are thinking that incest if often caused by force or coercion, yes that is a vastly more serious problem, but that is it's own problem. Incest itself, separate from force, is really only problem (so far as I know) because of possibilities of genetic issues.

  2. The problem is that it’s extremely rare for incest to occur without force or coercion, sufficient that even legally we tend to lump them together “rape and incest”.

  3. Book smart and street smart are two very different things

  4. You don’t have to be that smart to be a doctor. Just hard working and dedicated and, above all, privileged.

  5. This happened in Toledo, my hometown. It’s physically dark a whole lot of the year, especially year, but metaphorically, emotionally? Pretty much always dark.

  6. it’s physically dark (as in, twilight or darker) in Toledo at 10.30am?

  7. no, it isn't, at any time of the year.

  8. I know, I live 30 miles from Toledo. He’s full of shit.

  9. I hope they moved the bodies and not just the headstones.

  10. This would be legally okay in many other states, as well as countries like England where the AOC is 16, France where it’s like 15, etc. Clearly you aren’t a pedophile just because you happen to live in Louisiana.

  11. Oi, I see what you’re saying, but if I was on a gondola with my best friend, I think this would be a fun perspective to have.

  12. So you’re planning to….find them and give it to them?

  13. If someone told me they did that, I would think they are full of shit.

  14. I didn’t realize we could post screenshots of posts already posted here.

  15. Yeah my house smells good when I spill trays of barf too

  16. Well now that birds gonna feel real shitty about themselves

  17. I wish you a long and fruitful life. So in 40-50-60 years you'll live to be old, ancient and needing the help of those around you. You'll understand humanity then.

  18. Looks like you've got penises on your mind lately 😅

  19. Sorry you have daddy issues but thank you for sharing. I am now putting on a condom.

  20. That is so fucking weird dude. You do realize this, right? I'm sure your friends and family think it's fucking weird, and mildly offensive....

  21. this kind of person probably doesn’t have any actual friends so…kind of moot

  22. You can’t. If they are a good company they will contact you in a reasonable timeframe. I’d they aren’t, they won’t. There is no reliable way to tell ahead of time and following up after a week isn’t going to make a difference other than possibly annoying them. Just don’t invest your emotions or time in a single company and move along.

  23. It’s normal. It’s a new boyfriend and you’re still grieving an old relationship. It will pass. Tale as old as time.

  24. No. I'm telling you what parts of a man that I prefer to be clean before my parts touch his. ;) The question is what would make a dick more aesthetically pleasing. A clean dick and its surrounding parts are aesthetically pleasing. Wash your dick the way you like.

  25. Curious that you find cheese on a pizza to be aesthetically pleasing, yet on a dick it’s somehow gross. Total sexism if you ask me.

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