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  1. Obv, couldn't do a post about something progressive in China without putin the foot down somehow on China and on Russia for a free side kick. Shameless.

  2. I'll just take a stab here. If mods deem an opinion blatantly untrue, it gets deleted?

  3. Not sure that the replicability crisis is relevant here. That's mostly about soft sciences. Particle physics usually uses pretty strict statistical tests.

  4. OP is from a unionist background and the former Executive Director of the Alliance Party, so this can't be regarded as a nationalist puff piece.

  5. The next ROI election will almost definitely see SF as the largest party, and thus being the ones trying to form the government.

  6. Spinlaunch is the Theranos of the space industry. A way to extract investment cash, that's it.

  7. Eh, there is still the issue of weight and size limits. Everyone has those, but I think this is especially the case for SpinLaunch. Unless you are dealing with cargo that can autonomously construct itself in space from modular parts, you're pretty much stuck with conventional carriers like spacex and others. Like you also mentioned, they can't carry humans. But also, not all inanimate cargo can be fitted to manage high G-forces, so they'll have to work strictly with only those that can.

  8. Interesting that this is almost exactly the same as the

  9. Is this just a gambit by the Tories, so when they pull the rug out from under the idea in a few weeks, they can say look what you made me do, and forge ahead with the NIP Bill. Or, are Northern Irish Unionists about to see the underside of a bus?

  10. OP fails to mention the most important fact about 2022 Sinn Féin; that they are the government in waiting in the south of Ireland.

  11. He was actually quite funny, I'd swear he was

  12. Irland is used as a tax heaven but the population sees nothing of it.

  13. Can't wait to take that 2,294 mile road trip from Michigan to California. Only have to stop 9 times each way and charge for an obscene amount of time.

  14. You’re leaving out a big difference between this and a dog lol. The dogs still get to control their own body.

  15. But it's by no means inevitable that a large class of alienated tech-have-nots will emerge. Instead, it's possible (and desirable) for technology providers to make their products more usable and more trustable. That can encourage more people to overcome their hesitancy. That was the pattern I saw in my days in the mobile computing and smartphone industries. The companies which paid attention to usability and trustworthiness gained a key market advantage.

  16. Thanks for doing this David, it's such an interesting topic. Of the many ways it can be explored, one aspect that fascinates me is the divergence over time between the technology "Haves" and "Have Nots" as the speed of technological change accelerates.

  17. My guess is that the SNP (like Sinn Féin) secretly welcome the likes of David Frost; he makes their job easier for them.

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