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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of chicken burger - it’s usually chicken ground up and bread (usually sfc style) specifically to be a burger!

  2. Both chicken burgers in wetherspoons are whole chicken breasts

  3. I feel the ketchup is a bit weird, the beans already got a tomato thing going on for it.

  4. No matter the brand, the beans themselves are comparable, sometimes the sauce is crap and can use some extra sugar/salt/MSG from the ketchup

  5. Yeah but Coach had a different role in B99, so it's all a bit shaky

  6. There isn't any sort of VBA function that has been called that sets automatic calculation to off that has been interrupted or broken?

  7. Suspect it's likely due to his vaccination status, any nation with a limitation on entry for un vaccinated people basically rules him out of playing, so why bother having him at camp?


  9. Crazy that it depends on what the broadcaster is showing. They are not neutral and play to the home crowd. This is the real "home advantage"

  10. But the tmo can also be using the whole time from try to restart to look at more angles

  11. But with the new rule change the director will just wait longer and not give the angles. The TMO is reliant on the director to see anything. Changing the rule just means tje directors have to wait a bit longer and then once it no longer matters they can provide them with what's needed but no longer is relevant.

  12. I don't think that's true - the TMO often reviews things in the background - they don't just see the broadcast angle

  13. Sammies of course being a reference to Bobbies, a British-English term*, taken from the name given to the officers of the London Metropolitan Police, created in 1829 by then Home Secretary Robert Peel - the man largely credited with inventing the modern, civilian police force** and disseminating the idea across the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as it was in his time.

  14. Bit of a stretch? 1.91m is not even entirely 6'3.

  15. 1.91m is more than 6' 3" according to Google

  16. Who do you think is more embarrassed, him or Edinburgh rugby team?

  17. Well a fire engine turned up, so I assume a fire alarm or fire

  18. If you can add an extra column before the prices, you can make a helper column where you make a unique ID out of the combination of the 3 cells, although the merged cells will probably mean you can't just create a formula that you can drag down.

  19. For the non-British, 'nowt' means 'nothing'

  20. The doodler has circled the 'c' only in 'inexplicable' and then clarified in pencil that they mean 'see'

  21. Didn't it start because of a 4chan hoax and then used unironically?

  22. Interestingly if you speak to a member of the artillery, they refer to artillery as guns (e.g. they are gunners) and get annoyed when people refer to rifles as guns

  23. In addition, both files will need to be open for it to work

  24. I thought vlookups worked with the book closed, but i guess not. Index and match method (mentioned in the post solving it with vlookup) would work while the book is closed.

  25. I think I'm wrong actually, I think I'm remembering trying to do a dynamic vlookup using indirect


  27. It will absolutely make a difference, you can't preheat enameled cast iron

  28. Not an excuse but the England side the barbarians humiliated so badly was also quite thrown together

  29. Also that barbarians side was less of a mix than normal

  30. For number 3 it depends what wash cycle you're doing - some will do a pre-rinse which will finish your detergent away if it's in already

  31. At that time had the war started/did he know it had?

  32. The context of Boris Johnson's career implosion or the context of the photo?


  34. its really not mate. fucking relax please you're just embarrassing yourself, and by extension you're embarrassing me for being English. I go to Scotland twice a year and it's literally just a laugh. maybe 0.002% of Scots have sincere hatred for English people.

  35. Austria and Canada aren't anywhere near each other

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