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  1. not conventionally attractive, rather i’m the comedic relief that turns into the villain later on in the story.

  2. On my face? My eyes. I am always complimented on them. I think it's the color (they're blue).

  3. Reporting a rapist. I didn’t lie, but the experience was just as traumatic as the assaults. Sometimes I wonder if people are remotely capable of understanding the pain they cause or if it’s all just pretend.

  4. For my nails? Anything with glitter! I think I’m going to do rose gold next time

  5. Enough until the “thick redhead” stereotype gets old. Then I’m just a chunky Garfield 🥴

  6. Mostly bottom heavy, i was very athletic in high school and I’ve tried my best to stay active since. It’s my butt. Men see my ass and thighs and label me thick.

  7. I don't agree with labels, but I do love a thick ass! I'd love to see it lol

  8. I'm going 8/10! Great size and hang, perfect nipples!!!

  9. Kuzco is my favourite Disney princess

  10. My aunt made a quilt for me for christmas one year and it is the most comfortable damn thing in the world. LAST christmas my grandmother made a quilt for me and it is absolutely beautiful in warm light. Put that one on top of the first one and I may just be the coziest bitch on the planet.

  11. Pretty good! It's Friday, the weather is grey and moody (favorite for this time of year), and she's getting her engagement ring tonight. Should be a nice one overall.

  12. look at base 2 system -> base 10 system (this is what you are usually using) translation

  13. 10. My best feature is my confidence when I wear some not so common outifts. (In India lot of us girls don’t wear clothes like it) and something else too haha!

  14. My swimming shorts dropped while I was swimming.... The teacher had to pull them up because she was close by and wanted to save me from the embarassment haha.

  15. Nebraska. I'm in South Dakota. Big difference, I know. Yay, more corn

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