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  1. I’m on lcwra have been since September do you no how long I’ll be on it for??

  2. not a work coach but a fellow lcwra receiver, you can leave a message in your journal asking for a copy of your uc85 and they will mail you a copy of what your assessor wrote in your report. because we don't have a work coach it may take a month or two for someone to get back to you but they will eventually seeing as this isn't urgent

  3. if you were awarded lcwra, you basically don't have a work coach... i recently requested my own uc85 through my journal and it took 2 months for someone to get back to me on it so you might have to just be patient unfortunately

  4. are you enhancing your artifacts and using artifact sets instead of whatever is available to you? your stats seem quite low even for level 40 characters.. i had the same problem when i first started

  5. i won too! i just used mine because the extra primos means more to me than a trophy

  6. you could go on instagram and look up the geotag or hashtag for the festival and see if him or his friends have posted anything from there? if it's a friend it's possible he will be tagged or commented

  7. yes please, i get a shock of dread every time i see this subreddit because most of what appears to me are mourning posts. seeing a cute cat and then reading the title saying they're dead.. i understand mourning the loss and looking for support, but not everyone is mentally prepared to keep hearing about dead pets

  8. they shot themselves in the foot by breaking the original rules in the first place 🤷🏻‍♀️ if they had been reasonable, no one would've kicked up a stink about it and forced ea/maxis's hand on the topic

  9. 🇬🇧uk free boxes up to £42.99 off your first box, £10 off second and third box you can apply the voucher codes at

  10. i've never gotten anything apart from a tiny packet of cerave 😭

  11. i'd eat it, food waste is too big of a problem just to throw it when it's still perfectly edible

  12. 🇬🇧uk free boxes up to £42.99 off your first box, £10 off second and third box you can apply the voucher codes at

  13. uh well unfortunately my veins are too narrow to take anything from so i wasn't allowed to give today 🙁 i was told i could come back in a few years and see if they're a bit bigger but hey! at least i tried

  14. I am a regular blood doner. Heres how it should go: Make sure you can give blood by using thier

  15. thank you for the detailed reply, being able to set up a mental timeline is really helpful! i did do the little questionnaire on the website and i should be good, only thing i'm a little iffy about is the fact i was anemic in the past.. my most recent blood tests came back fine and i take my supplements so hopefully i'll be good to go! thanks again

  16. i treated myself to the cheesy confit duck brioche buns premium meal few weeks ago and good lord did i regret it.. whole thing just tasted like lemon somehow and the leftovers i had the next day were not nice at all but because i hate wasting food i gulped it down without even chewing properly 😭

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