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  1. i imagine they will probably be the same every play through, that way they can implement memorable minor characters that you can interact with through the game who have different dialogue depending on which house you are which would be cool

  2. i dinged my left pointer finger and my right thumb pretty badly about a week ago which is why they're so short, but no biting! success! 😁

  3. if you haven't yet, definitely post this on your local facebook groups, people are usually very very helpful and will help spread it in case anyone has seen her. also, try ringing any local vet practices in the morning in case someone has found her and bought her in.

  4. honestly, i just ignore them because they have no idea what they're talking about. i live in the uk, and the nhs's first recommendation for weight loss is literally sticking to a calorie limit for no more than 1400 for women and 1900 for men. they even have their own calorie counting app and everything. i'd rather listen to the healthcare system than some random person that is convinced we're starving ourselves. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. Strange password tbh you just safed my life

  6. i thought so too, it was one of the main reasons why i asked because that 'hint' does not look like a password at all

  7. With a space. Two words, I'm pretty sure. Otherwise a different route opens up and you don't find the Prince.

  8. i remember i sent mine off around mid-february and i ended up being invited to the phone appointment around mid-may. from that phone call i ended getting awarded lcwra about 3 days later (with a weekend in between).

  9. Thank you! My coach said its nothing to do with them really and i will hear back when its ready so i suppose i will just wait. Really hope my assessment will also be via phone!

  10. ah, sorry i couldn't be much help on finding out :( the wait is the worse! i got my assessment date and time by letter, so keep a look out for your mail and hopefully it'll come through soon for you

  11. just a little explanation on the titling in case it is confusing to some, the photos with my nails painted black was actually a week or so before i really started trying to quit biting. i failed that time and started again the next week but forgot to take another photo for my progression!

  12. used to happen to me all the time when wearing blouses specifically, haha. most recently i went to a job interview and walked out to realise the blouses buttons that are on the middle of my boobs had undone themselves... safe to say i did not get the job

  13. Massive improvement already!!

  14. They can be thrown both at companions and on the floor. As someone mentioned, throwing it on the floor will create a one time pool of healing where you can run someone on top of and they'll suck up the healing, but enemies can take it so be careful.

  15. Since the first hotfix, my game crashes as soon as I try to sleep.. I haven't seen anyone talk about it so I'm wondering if this is an issue with my game?? Does anyone have advice on how to fix it.. :/

  16. Can you explain how you're using liquify here? the face doesn't look changed much, but I can see a faint rectangle in the middle of the second image.

  17. The whole area shown within the image is selected and then I lower the brush size to just generally change little things like moving the eyelash line down or moving the pupil slightly. It always puts a rectangle around the section I altered and then leaves the rest as it was.

  18. If you liked Dragon Age maybe try Pillars of Eternity and its sequel.

  19. Something similar used to happen to me and always meant some kind of major life event was going to happen around me (divorce, death, moving out, schooling changes). It wasn’t always bad but definitely needed time to adjust to so it could be letting you know to be ready?

  20. I know it’s fake, but at this point I just wouldn’t be surprised anymore.

  21. USS Constitution! Who gets the reference?

  22. Happens all the time with Trent Barton. Supposedly every 10 mins but you’ll be waiting at a stop for 15 minutes before two turn up at once. The buses here are ridiculous, regardless of company. 🙄

  23. Usually, it takes a lot longer for Zoloft to get to the anxiety than it does depression. If I'm remembering correctly, it can take a few months for it to fully start working to reduce your anxiety and if you feel like it's already making a few positive changes in your life you should probably keep going and see how different you feel in another month or two whenever you have your next appointment with the doctor. :)

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