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  1. It's good, but I quickly tire of it. I'd rather have a friend I could bum a pinch from every so often, than have my own can. Splitting a can into 4 10g portions would probably be ideal for me.

  2. I have years of snus in my freezer, to the point it's like playing tetris when I buy a little freezer food and have to fit it in. Some are in ziploc bags, and some are just in rolls. I don't notice a difference between them. Biggest degradation occurs during the first year. After that, it's a very slow decrease in quality. I haven't had any yet that are "bad", and some are > 10yr old.

  3. A difference I see is The Doctor ran on an owner's hardware, as opposed to Data being a self contained being. IOW, The Doctor only exists if you decide to bootup your computer. So, is The Doctor an individual, or is he property? It's less clearcut to me than Data was.

  4. Currently open. Not my oldest either by a long shot.

  5. I don't see why any ship can't be run with 0-2 beings on board. The computers are already doing the work. There doesn't have to be someone there pushing the buttons. No panels, no chairs, no lights inside. Minimal climate control to keep the machines happy. Physical repairs can be made by a hologram, or the one or two physical beings. Maybe one room they can turn lights/climate control on for diplomatic missions where they're greeted by a hologram. It would be boring tv though...

  6. Maybe. I'm pretty cool with Voyager as-is for the most part. Chakotay's a bit of a blank slate for me. I think he was underutilized. A-B testing is impossible, but if we could somehow erase what was done and do it over, I'd be afraid it wouldn't be as good as the Voyager I enjoy.

  7. Virtually all snus with a bit of nasal snuff. I use snuff mainly for the scent characteristics, and primarily in the winter. The only time I've used it as a nicotine source was when I went for a hike, and realized I left my snus at home. I keep a tin of American snuff in the truck in case of emergency, and that was an emergency. It worked! I'd have rather had snus though.

  8. I use my tongue also. Pull it down, spit it out, swallow whatever's left. Sometimes I eat the whole thing with fine grind snus like Prima or Röda.

  9. It came out of nowhere. At the end of whatever episode it was, they're sitting down playing handsies. At that point, I didn't even realize they spent much time together. Maybe I missed it, but it seemed as sudden as Seven and Chakotay.

  10. Dunno what constitutes modernish, but I've used Vanilla forever. It handles large libraries, and does what I need. It probably doesn't use whatever the latest gui fad is(I don't know, and don't care), but it looks acceptable, and the controls are functional.

  11. I mean when you're dating the producer you happen to get the best story lines. And the best character development. That is the only reason the character of seven of nine got as much screen time as she did. I'm sorry if it sounds sexist but that's the truth.

  12. That's not the truth, it's speculation. Seven of Nine was a lot to work with, and Jeri was a damned good actor working with tight constraints. She displayed a lot of range with subtle movement and inflection. Like watching a cat. You don't get a full display like you do with a dog. You need to notice the fine details. Seven was tailor made for light comedy, and was the perfect straight man. Add in being a borg/human hybrid, you have a lot to go with.

  13. Credit cards save you money though. They also make it easier to get your money back when you dispute purchases. And when more people carry cash there are more robberies. That’s not a good thing.

  14. Credit cards cost money. It costs money to use them. The retailer isn't eating that. It gets built into the price.

  15. Well I’m assuming your not in the US but here you get cash back can mostly or entirely make up for the fees.

  16. I'm US. A few baubles aren't worth my personal information. I already have money. I don't need to sell my data to get a bit more.

  17. I prefer the flavor and ease of replacing. I enjoy Los but it's just too messy for day-day life.

  18. To expand a bit pertaining to your interests, I generally prefer original portion when I use portions. One of the two portion snuses I use(Catch eucalyptus) is white of course. I think that's probably for the best. An original eucalyptus might be a bit much for flavor load, but I'd be willing to try it.

  19. Lös virtually 100%. I like the mouthfeel, the ability to customize size, and the lack of trash waste when it's finished, especially with paperboard boxes. If they made the lids metal, it would be even better.

  20. Got some age on these reviews, but think they still hold up:

  21. I get the regular, but it's one of the two portions I buy(aside from the infrequent one-off). Fantastic licorice snus.

  22. They used to make a really good loose back in the day.

  23. Remember the LD Brown? That was very similar to Grov, and I remember liking it better than Grov.

  24. I haven’t been keeping it in the fridge! It’s been been 3 days. Is it still good?

  25. Refrigeration keeps it at it's best, but isn't essential for safety purposes. There's no appreciable increase in TSNAs when stored at room temperature for long periods of time.

  26. redreader - It works. I usually don't like programs that duplicate the function of a web browser, but reddit's interface is so terrible, you either have to deal with js bloat(a bit of a problem on a phone) using an addon, or use a separate program.

  27. She feels the most realisic as she makes the erong decisions sometimes, whereas it feels like Kirk and Picard are always right.

  28. Yet not so rigid that she won't change her mind. Makes her a very appealing leader. Asked about my favorite captain, instinct and tradition would say Picard, but if asked who I'd rather serve under, it would take some consideration, and it's a good chance Janeway would be the outcome.

  29. Prismaster kinda sucks. For something cheap, get a syringe, and cut the end off. Wrap the plunger in cord so it can't pop through the bottom. Should cost <$1. Icetool is spendy, but a quality tool. It's the snus version of having a Zippo.

  30. I managed to find a 'propris' in the UK for not toooo expensive, although I was happy with my plan of getting the 2 dollar pris master (grr)

  31. The propris looks pretty nice. I really don't like the prismaster. The shape's weird, it's too big, and it's hard to operate smoothly. I end up jamming it into my inside lip trying to eject the snus. It's only positive attribute is it's cheap, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

  32. Yea, that snuff is an "SP" style, which is bergamot. Nice choices :o)

  33. All the companies have unique house styles. Expect them all to look a bit different from each other.

  34. Snusdirect - XMAS22 15% off (20 can minimum)

  35. Just noticed "Made On Gotland" on the label. I had to transfer the two I've used so far to non broken tins, so I haven't had a good look at it. Anyway, is it really made in Gotland? Anyone know? This definitely has Swedish Match all over it, and nothing about the tobacco reminds me of the old Gotlandssnus product. Tastes like Stockholm to me. Not complaining. Just curious.

  36. Been trying to get this but seems sold out.


  38. I like that one a lot. It may be my favorite non SwedishMatch snus(not like that's a huge selection in lös). I don't find the flavor fades too fast. Seems about average to me. Mackmyra OTOH, seems to fade fast. Tastes great, but doesn't last long.

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