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  1. Did my first hit a that stuff that’s cut into little squares at the age of 49. My God, it was amazing. Felt just as normal as a piece of Neptune pie, and that’s not a bad little tune.

  2. Hi man! Good to see you around. Hope the spread sheets have been useful.

  3. Edible think I went a bit to deep down the rabbit hole on this occasion

  4. Man I'm so jealous. It's been half a decade since edibles don't do anything to me.

  5. Wow, there's actual Mexican-trump-lickers? Jesus tap-dancing Christ, you know he and his friends see you as subhuman animals, right?

  6. Ese es el poder de la propaganda, recordemos que habían judios que apoyaban a Hitler

  7. Confirmo, vivo en Ajijic, Chapala y ahora más que nunca, tenemos exceso de gringos pobretones con pensiones miserables qué ya no les ajusta pa vivir como magnates acá, usualmente son los más problemáticos aquí en la zona. Y cuidadito y les digas o insinues qué no traen "suficiente" o que "no pueden" (en sentido adquisitivo), entran en crisis existencial xdd y van y se encierran en su Nissan marchito qué estacionan en la calle, ahhh y para todo quieren descuento, no querrán un descuento pa irse a chingar a su madre al otro mundo ya?

  8. Fui a ajijic hace una semana y no mames, ese pequeño pedacito no es México. Todo está en inglés

  9. Un vato de 21 “ligándose” a una niña de 14? Bro? 🤨

  10. Es más común de lo que crees desafortunadamente. Mi jefe embarazo a su esposa de 15 cuando el tenía 28.

  11. Lmao if that's what it takes to make you completely discard an opinion around here you should probably just leave.... There are people into drinking piss and fat 40 year olds taking nude pics in this sub talking about theory

  12. Well, actually, Zeppelin won that lawsuit, which basically established "Yeah, this isn't a uniquely original chord progression, so Taurus has no rights to it."

  13. It's not even a blatant ripoff like paramore and Olivia rodrigo, it's like 10 seconds of an Am line cliche and that's it, the song is completely different. I always grouped that line of thinking with the whole "reverse satanic messages" found on famous Beatles and stones songs

  14. So sexy! I dunno why guitar manufacturers opted to give guitars a finish that doesn't age. I think it looks absolutely amazing

  15. Dime que la Suprema Corte estaba a punto de legalizar el consumo recreativo del Cannabis pero a los señores que mandan a YSQ no les conviene el libre mercado

  16. Map, te llamas? Van a necesitar un mapa para que encuentren tus restos pervertido de mierda

  17. I got turned recently into Tárrega and it's so addicting and beautiful. We will never actually listen to his transcendental playing, but at least we can tap into a percentage of his brilliance through his sheet music. And, I gotta add that you have to learn his stuff through sheet music. It's the rite of passage. Its a challenge but my playing has skyrocketed since I dropped my ego and learnt to read.

  18. Lots of great things being said here, but I just wanna leave this tidbit and leave it at readers discretion: you still need something to say. Kurt Cobain had something to say, and if he would come out today he would be torn to shreds because he can't sweep pick or other asinine shit. Doesn't matter, the dude is an icon now. This is all a language, you need to say something. Look within your deepest grievances, the lowest of your bottom. The point you reached complete breakdown. And write something about it. That's what makes art interesting, I really think pain and suffering is an universal experience no one, not even the ultra billionaires can avoid. The rest, oh a fucking second dominant followed by a tritone sub ending with a Picardy third. That's just leetspeak for the nerds.

  19. Nunca llegó mi disco de tool que salió en el 2018 :'(

  20. Beat me to it. Still, this is fire OP. Keep doing your thing and stop at nothing

  21. Que perra puta impotencia, el país cayéndose a pedazos y no hay nada que podamos hacer.

  22. Gringo here con suegros Mexicano. This is Chavo del ocho right? Mi suegro watches it a lot.

  23. You should give it a chance one of these days. It's humor completely harmless, innocent to a degree and devoid of all the perversions we are used to in this post-irony world. There will never be anything like it ever again.

  24. You don't like the multiple sheets you get from Google? It's not a particularly strict piece to perform in the sense that it has runs or chops that stand out.

  25. en las zonas turisticas y puntos importantes del pais claroq ue hay un acuerdo para no hacer su show aun ....

  26. Do you think the market is over saturated, or is there still enough demand for webdevs?

  27. Awesome! You will probably get flooded with replies and emails but if something comes out of it I'll be really grateful for the help. You might be onto something here

  28. Correle mijo al google translate, comprieva como el gringo puede habla espanol pero tu no hablas el ingles mientras cagas el palo de que no viajamos o hablamos otros idomas lol

  29. La neta al gringo le vale lo que dice un pendejito en Reddit. Nomas practicando mi espanol mas que nada. Llega bien vergas cagando el palo a mi pais y ni sr puede defender de un gringo hablando eb su idioma lol

  30. Si te vale porque me respondes? Nada más llegaste a dar lástima. Desde aquí puedo ver tus lágrimas. Pero sigue humillandote solito, nada más me estás haciendo reír.

  31. PC? I'm down as long as you wanna play casual and not ranked, not even unranked.

  32. Thing is, I don't have a passion for anything. I have no idea what I want to do with my life. I always lose interest in things. So yeah, Its tough choosing a course, when you really don't want any to be your job

  33. it sounds to me you need to do even more soul searching. the musicians life is an ever-lasting, never-ending grind: you don't like teaching, which is the #1, and perhaps the only truly "guaranteed" job you can get out of a music degree. so thats a bad start.

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