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Girls, what’s the downside of being a female?

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  1. I’m going to be very honest. Before considering a divorce, I recommend that you focus on yourself. Focus on your health, interests, self-care, and start therapy. Sometimes we project things on to our spouses when we’re unhappy with ourselves. I’ve been there! I gave up on me and the only person to blame was me, though I blamed my partner. I started to focus on my personal goals, career, and wellness. Loving myself more shifted how my husband saw me.

  2. Just replying to say this is completely true.

  3. if you enjoy running, come to Mill Street Milers! the group meets once a month on a sunday.

  4. Cool. Mill street brewery on Wellington? What time and is there a signup?

  5. Yes it sucks and hurts and isn’t ‘fair’. But you really have two choices - to perpetuate depression and keep isolating yourself, or, for you and your kid’s sake, do the work and re-build your life.

  6. I can’t think of one thing that’ll make my life better and get myself out of this depression. Some people are just incurable and that includes me. It’s so much easier to just keep isolating. I also have a 3rd option, which is moving onto the afterlife

  7. Did it occur to you that maybe this is the reason it didn’t work? If your entire life’s worth is placed on another person, it is a lot of pressure for that person and not appealing.

  8. Anyone who thinks the environmental impact is trivial is ignorant. Look at studies that show the equivalent of making one bitcoin transaction - it’s like days and days of running your a/c or something crazy like that.

  9. SSC here too, I was asked about a year ago if there was anything that I needed a desk space for in my everyday job tasks that I was already doing from home. I thought about it and I don't ever need to go onsite as most of my job involves getting a IP and logging in to a device remotely (mind you I need a VPN to access the network). So they swapped me over to permanent telework, it has been great for both my mental health and work life balance

  10. To me this seems like she knows him and it’s an ex.

  11. I feel like the Carleton bubble will be your cheapest option - esp as a student - assume you get a discount.

  12. I know almost all of them, including the guy who was bullied, he didn’t even do anything wrong and he was a pretty cool guy, I think from what I heard he got attacked because he was talking to some guys girlfriend, but I also heard stories of the girl setting him up

  13. I don’t understand how people aren’t backlashing against this group in particular red hoodie.

  14. I'm classmates with the victim, and seeing things makes me so angry and traumatized. Police are investigating.

  15. How is he doing? Does he have support at home, any idea?

  16. Agreed. Strawberry blonde is way too sweet

  17. I don’t usually say this, but - too much meat.

  18. I know this is the right thing from your perspective. But I am an expat mom living abroad. With less money, no family around. Ny daughter will always be more of the nationality of my husband and his family. It is so easy to manipulate them when they are little so that they are alienated. I know she already hears and sees things that are not healthy. But at least i am with her every day (and she is with me). I'd have never understood this before being a mom..

  19. Can you share examples of how his family tries to manipulate her?

  20. I was sad about not seeing them as much too at first but you know what? The time I DO see them? The quality has skyrocketed. Because I no longer am carrying the baggage of a failed marriage, self esteem shot to shit, constant emotional abuse, an overall feeling of dreading every day. Things are much lighter now and I’m able to give my kids the best me there is to give.

  21. Agree 100%. My 3.5 year old son and I have such quality time together. And after one year of co-parenting, “sadly or not sadly”, he doesn’t seem bothered when it’s time to leave mom and go to dads.

  22. This is actually a pretty snowy night type pic. With that said, this summer was total BS and felt like we were robbed somehow. Too many cold or rainy days.

  23. Your saying showing your junk outside for kids to see is okay because they have internet and MAYBE, POSSIBLY they've already seen them online. Man you're sick. Again if you feel this way house some of them in your own home or let them set up camp in your backyard.

  24. I think the point is that so many of us are so comfortable in our privileged bubbles. And he’s right that it really could happen to anyone.

  25. I feel like if you had a baby with a donor, you probably would not regret it.

  26. I live in Braemer Park, near Maitland and 417. It definitely has all your criteria.

  27. What sort of walking paths do you have?

  28. IBM, ADGA Group, Calian, Excel ITR. Any government IT contractor firm.

  29. Any govt it contractor - really? Many make close to 1k a day and some have been in the same role for years.

  30. What I find works for us is saying “ok, what is it that you need to do right now before we leave/go upstairs/etc that’s just sooo important that you need to do it now”… he ends up telling me what he needs to do - eg. Last Lego step or something random in whatever he’s doing.

  31. Saw a mom trying to get her 3 year old to leave the playground and come for lunch with her by using a magic (imaginary) rope to pull him off the wooden boat he was currently playing on. She was so charming about it and in such a good mood. Even I wanted to come with her for lunch.

  32. Yes but depends on where you are. It can be pretty loud around there with cars racing up and down Industrial, and there are many transport trucks with loud back-up beepers starting at 4 am some days if you're close to Industrial. Stay a few blocks from Industrial and it's quite nice.

  33. Hmm, you think Mimosa st area is far enough?

  34. 💯 Some doctors just have a gentle touch. Others not so much.

  35. Can attest to this. Neither family doctor was able to get my iud out and they each tried and I’ve never felt so much pain. Went to my amazing Ob, was so scared, but she yanked super hard and fast and got it out without an ounce of pain. She just knew what she was doing.

  36. Any data or statistics that “investors” for residential real estate is skewing home prices, or is this just your perception?

  37. Yes plenty - this came from two major US housing websites / companies that have all this data. They can track institutional investors and iHome purchases.

  38. Mortgage rates in the US are similar to ours right now. I’d say we may see the same behaviour across Canada with the exception of Ottawa being unknown with our govt and tech workers.

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