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  1. As a writer I think it doesn’t really matter, I am always delighted when people comment on my fics even years after it was published. It just shows me they cared and enjoyed it. That will always make me happy.

  2. This is such a cool concept I’d love to see Inverted Emily and Maru too!! Also Inverted Sebastian and Alex are too cute I can’t help but wanting to romance them just to protect them 😭

  3. Oh I didn’t know my father had a Reddit account 😭 He’s been infodumping to me about communism since I was a child to the point where I grew up with bedtime stories about Che Guevara.

  4. I always try to picture myself with the item in 5, 10, and 20 years. Will I still be using it or will it still mean as much to me? I ask myself if it's something I'd be excited to show my kids if I have kids. I still keep way too much, and it's hard to let go of the things I realize are wise to get rid of, but it's what works for me.

  5. Oh….that’s actually a good idea! I will keep that in mind, thank you!!

  6. Put stuff in a box for a really long time and then once you've forgotten what was in the box, give it away.

  7. Oh boy, I have a lot of those boxes already stacking in the basement 😭

  8. Iris from Story of Seasons is an older and more mature bachelorette! (she’s also best girl, but that’s just my opinion)

  9. Most definitely Trio of Towns! I always find the bachelor's in these games to be somewhat lacking, but Ludus is just the bee's knees. Who doesn't want to marry the man who helped you build your farm from the ground up? And I don't really go for these types, but Wayne and Ford are very well rounded characters, and I always found Inari a very interesting choice.

  10. Ludus is literally the best guy, he’s just chef’s kiss And oh my god, the struggle - I never get to wear the cute clothes because I always play as a dude to marry the pretty girls

  11. My favourite was harvest moon a new beginning. It had a lot of great bachelors like Neil, rod, Sanjay, ameir and Soseki. I found a lot of those characters very likeable. Another personal favourite was sunshine islands too. That game also had some really great romance options.

  12. Oh wow, I rarely see appreciation for A New Beginning, you’re absolutely correct. :D The characters are really likable!

  13. My first chapters were about 2000 words. So far so good. Now every single chapter is 6000 words. I don’t know how to stop. It just keeps getting longer. Help

  14. I love accidental baby acquisition, pregnancy and kidfics. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I really enjoy it :D

  15. My signature is probably references to fairytales and folklore. It’s usually just little nods into that direction, but I’ve just been so inspired and influenced by these kind of stories so much in my childhood, it still lingers.

  16. I try to respond to every single comment I get. Why? Because not only did someone read something that I created, but also enjoyed it so much that they took time out of their day to write down why they liked it or how it made them feel. That’s the greatest honor to me and I want to show my appreciation.

  17. Stats are literally the worst way to determine the quality of a fanfic, but it’s extremely relatable to be disappointed by receiving very little engagement. These things are usually also influenced by how big the fandom is, who the writer knows and how big their social media presence is and which tropes are currently popular. But please don’t drop your wip because of that. At the end of the day what matters most is that you enjoy writing it!

  18. Oh god, I know! I wasn’t too sure what to tag my fic as, but I ended up settling on “Minecraft” since it’s very obviously not about the content creators, but about the characters they play. If I’m gonna be honest, I just want a separate tag for the stories set in the roleplay universe. I don’t really care for rpf that much and finding a fic that’s actually lore-related can be really hard.

  19. I use a white noise app for that exact purpose! :)

  20. Cryptozoology is my special interest so HELL YEAH

  21. This is awesome!! I wish the kids would look like their parent in FoMT. :( The best kids so far were in Trio of Towns, in my opinion. Not only did they look like their parent but also left the farm to play with other kids. It made the family feel more real...

  22. Oh, I already have a plan for them which involves Kado cheating and him then being killed under “mysterious circumstances”.

  23. Okay, but I’m intrigued. Keep talking OP

  24. One time I had an Indian sim and a black sim who had a ginger child. GINGER. I blame it on the fact that they were spellcasters but jeez I don’t know what happened there.

  25. As an autistic person I absolutely love the idea of autistic Reid. It resonates deeply with me. I think he’s good representation too! I rarely get to see characters on TV who act like me and seeing that Reid is such a beloved character makes me very happy.

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