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  1. These are totally my thoughts!!! You just throw the whole friend away when he fucks up…? He didn’t even do anything directly to them. I find their reactions so childish…

  2. I will say it seems from what I've seen so far, it seems like a mixture of dudes and teenagers (girls and boys if you really want to get into gendering off of profile names) that are making these types of comments which is interesting

  3. Is cheating like the norm now? Why is it happening so often? Like this is the third cheating scandal of a celebrity/influencer I've heard this this month? WTF

  4. Oh yeah, that person was really on point and not unhinged at all in their reply. I'd love for you to explain to me why Shia didn't release his "damning" video in December 2020 when this was first reported.

  5. He never needed too until Olivia herself said that he was fired. Most of everything talking about it was secondary sources from published articles.

  6. no YouTube videos aren’t a fucking source😂 if you’re in college you should fucking know that. try sending your professor a YouTube link as a source and see how far you get, I want you to show me a quote or video of Ben Shapiro or Jordan Peterson where they incorrectly interpreted a statistic, I just find it hard to believe considering their level of education that’s my whole argument there’s no feelings involved in that

  7. I'm so glad to see the average daily wire viewer in all their fullest glory. Can spend 3+hours watching Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson but god forbid someone ask them to view a 2 hour video dissecting the inaccuracies they both spew out.

  8. Typical right wing white man values. You are the priveleged one, who doesn't care about anything and therefore wants to vent all your frustrations onto young women of color for daring to care about social issues.

  9. I'm a woman of color and can tell you that you're full of shit. Paula is another version of Olivia; privileged selfish, and an overall cunt of human being. Regardless of her supposed plight of being a WOC She never cared for Kai and his situation she related her pain (selfishly) of her boyfriends being stolen by Olivia to his pain of rich white people taking away his family's land.instead of actually helping him she put him in a situation that would only end up worse for him (him being fired and put into jail) while she could walk away scott clean. Is that caring for social issues? Is that how you deal with injustices? If that's the case I think all POC would like you to keep your performative activism to yourself

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