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  1. Aaaand the Laaaand offff, theeee Freeeeeeeee......

  2. I've started Lisey's Story three times and I've never got to the end. I

  3. The(Movie) ending was a gut punch. I thought it was brave and that it worked.

  4. I started on Thursday, and i´m now 270 pages in.

  5. Buy your Kids a Bulletproof Bag back.

  6. Ich kann gar nicht glauben wie dumm du bist...

  7. At least, people in the US have their Freedom.

  8. Woke up, checked the news, "Mass Shooting School Assault Riffle, 21 Dead"

  9. Whoever he was in the Past, he´s now a Boebert.

  10. The USA, on it´s way to the 18th century, leaded by the richest guy on this Planet.

  11. I totally agree with Roadwork,it´s the only King/Bachman Book,i have never finished.

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