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  1. They are all coke and coffee drinkers

  2. Coke is a lot more effective if you snort it btw

  3. They’re saying the quiet part out loud…

  4. It’s when someone dips their balls in hot sauce and then drapes them over your eyes. A mixture of your tears, their sweat, and hot sauce drips into your mouth.

  5. You know the vat of souls in that live action Scooby Doo movie from 2002? This is that.

  6. I’m pretty sure your bone gained self-awareness, and, upon realizing how weak you were as a host, decided to try to murder you by puncturing your heart. Unfortunately it missed.

  7. You are worthy to be a shield in the great skeletal wars.

  8. Advocate that TIF dollars get used to actually benefit working class constituents instead of being used to help developers further gentrify already-gentrified areas to perpetually drive out the property owners who actually live there so that those developers can swoop in and turn it all into rental property under a central umbrella corp.

  9. People are being driven out by rising property taxes fueled by rising property values caused by inappropriately used TIF, leaving people two options: either pay exorbitant rents to cronyists or buy the only affordable homes in a blighted area where there is nothing of value until the cycle repeats itself, forcing people to perpetually live in either a blighted area or with bloated rent.

  10. Your words... They are like torrents of fresh spring water, bursting forth to cleanse the land of brittle boned bitches.

  11. Know it is true, and that this great one is not alone. I too have extra bone, in my feet, as do many others. Notice ye, these fortifications can often be found in wrist and ankles, all the better for laying blows. And those overcalcified in other parts of their bodies? They are our shields, ready to withstand even the most meteoric of pummelings.

  12. I yield these extra feet bones as well, our father blessed me with extra bones as i will bless him by riding the world of weak bone bitches

  13. It is our duty and their (bone bitches) curse. We must be vigilant as these scum bones 🦴 can never be truly eradicated. Our knowledge and strength must be passed along through generations. With hope, the # of strong bone will continue to increase proportionally and the frail will have no place in this world except as the spongy footrests of our offspring. We can only pray that the future strong bones don’t succumb to boredom and turn on each other as a result. Divided our bones are as weak as those we seek to persecute.

  14. My grandma has never broken a bone but I told her that if she ever did I’d have to abort her. She’s 807 months but I don’t think you can ever be too old for an abortion if you’re a brittle boned bitch.

  15. Did you check with them on the ATM fees for overseas transactions? I always just grab some from an ATM when I get in country but my bank doesn't charge additional for overseas.

  16. I second this. And just cancel the conversion rate part of the transaction at the ATM - you’ll still get the money but your bank will handle the exchange and often to your benefit over whatever the ATM owner offers.

  17. I had to look up STS (Ship-to-Ship), from the article:

  18. Why does it seem like Switzerland is always at the center of all these global wars for the past century?

  19. Past century? Switzerland has essentially been Europe's favored supplier of mercenaries for the last 6-8 centuries.

  20. BRB have eight hundred years of history to catch up on

  21. Soils, clients in farms, pasture, forest, and prairie. This work aligns more with my field of ag research. It couples technologies in a way nobody else is doing and in a specific way that I always thought should be happening. So it’s exciting for me to see what has otherwise just been a vision in my head being brought to reality by others. Startup has been around for 5 years. Going through a lot of growth right now, which I would join into.

  22. Traveling position, they’ve had clients in 46 states. I’ll be based in the Midwest.

  23. Can’t verify what you’re sharing personally but have you ever left an open can of peas out overnight, or a dish that includes them? They always seem to go bad quickly compared to other foods and become quite slimy and foul. Maybe it has something to do with the commercial process.

  24. I'm not rich enough to go on regular sprees. I'm more of the walking with a bottle of vodka and a random item I thought looked cool on the way out type.

  25. You go in for a bottle of vodka, you walk out with a pair of jeans, spanikopita, mozzarella sticks, a whole pig, two jars of peanut butter, quinoa crackers, a bag of pistachios, 65 granola bars, 6 boxes of almond milk, and a hot dog.

  26. I'd Google it, but I'd rather hear an explanation here of what spanikopita is. Mind elaborating?

  27. Did I studder? I wrote what I milk chocolate mint.

  28. Where’s your powdered milk, your milk supplements, and your calcium pills

  29. Do you see how white this guy is? He is milk.

  30. To your face? Or random strangers online? Because there’s a huge difference and if you take seriously the opinions of strangers on the internet, who may very well be part of a systemic effort to sow divisions, then maybe you should get off these forums for awhile.

  31. First we were tasked to see of an approach that can be used to mitigate the radiation from Fukushima Daichi. Earthquakes cause liquefaction, so a man made one yielded a good probability of burying the entire plant under a good amount of dirt and sediment. Its proximity to the Pacific Ocean made it challenging.

  32. This doesn’t only affect prisoners. It affects everybody because if prisoners couldn’t be relied on for cheap labor - and many private institutions rely on it, like Dole, Microsoft, and Victoria Secret (maybe these are outdated examples but some other major corporations are surely doing it more under the radar) - then these jobs would have to pay competitive market wages. It’s an attack on labor.

  33. WTF! Is that a quote from the article? Somebody needs a science advisor. Red shift doesn’t mean it’s just redder. It has to do with the absorption and emission lines in a spectrum created with diffraction. Just like Hubble, JWST is full of spectral analysis equipment.

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