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  1. Glad I clicked on this thread. I've got an 8 week "auto" that I flipped to 12/12 because it was only starting to show the tiniest beginnings of pistols. Thing is showing more now but is the size of a small bush, like 3x the size of the other plants of the same age (all auto).

  2. Haha well on the bright side, it least our yields will be bigger😂

  3. Yeah but for real I'm reading answers to many of the questions I had for what to do with my my surprise photo.

  4. And that's when I say to my wife "thank God for the second chance tournaments."

  5. Unless you are very experienced, picking coco/perlite and then hitting it with soil nutes and compost is going to give you trouble. You have 2 different methods going at once IMO. You are looking at pH and lockout issues making everything crispy and damaged because coco gets watered differently than soil.

  6. I'm starting to pick up on exactly what you're saying here honestly. I think my next run is going to skip the Coco and go with fox farm of some kind.

  7. Times are tough. You can go into Giant Eagle and spend $50 and come out with very few groceries. It's also the holidays. I already spent most of my monthly fun money budget on gifts. My fiancee and I do pretty well financially in our age bracket, but our everyday expenses have risen. Can't afford to go to more than a handful of games a year. I imagine this is where most people are right now.

  8. This right here. It's a small example of overall problems. People literally have to scrape and save and budget to afford one evening out and it's just worth it in most cases.

  9. The RL equivalent of my 6 yo wondering why people were crouching and getting back up so much after they killed him in Fortnite.

  10. My braaaaaiiiinnnn. I'd read a lot about Dr earth being good with coco to mix in as base nutrient and then top feed some more around the 8 week mark. Supplement with a little liquid gold every 3 weeks and a 0-10-10 at flower. The big one in separate closet is in same mix so I'd think that one would be showing signs if it was an actual lack of nutrients in mix? I'm really just more confused on how everything I'm putting in this thing is acidic, but the runoff sample turned like forest green high pH when i tested it.

  11. Interesting route, must work since you're reading about it. Apparently that recipe is enough for veg with your cultivar, but needs some tweaking for flower.

  12. Haha I'm also a complete noob at this so I'm could also be wildly misinformed.

  13. Told my wife she misses another and the kids get double Christmas

  14. I won a ranked game yesterday and opponent said we must be a team of virgins. I responded with “lmao” and they kept going! “Virgins! you’re actually real virgins.”

  15. Lol that's fucking great. It's keeping us young my guy!

  16. There's also nothing wrong with your boss firing you for being an antisocial asshole who tells other coworkers to fuck off.

  17. Yep. I had a employee under me who told me after their trial phase that they weren't going to try to make friends or whatever. I told them np, no need to make friends and talk about weekend plans, but communication must remain professional and of a sufficient level to actually work together.

  18. I learned to work with my body language in very obvious ways, such as:

  19. This is the way. Unfortunately, as a manager it's the bland people that I feel best about. I mean it's nice knowing I don't have to worry about employee X telling me employee Y told them to fuck off for saying good morning too many times.

  20. Omg that's me when my 8yo tells me how much he hates me and how we're the worst parents ever.

  21. Haha yeah it gets about as much of a response as our boy gave. The kids really expect you to be like "OH NO!", So when the response is "oh no....." with a shoulder shrug it steals their thunder a little.

  22. Yall know you can run the smoker with nothing in it, right?

  23. Haha yeah I was thinking skip the meat and just run it.

  24. I thought it was an empty 12 pack case, don’t make fun of me, but I’m wearing this (over the visor)

  25. Haha yeah I was thinking a grown man wearing the beer box like when we were teens wtf is this place

  26. 6 vents at the bottom + doors and operable cupola on top

  27. I love the assumption. I love even more that it was right with no effort to deflect.

  28. On that note, another redditor made an interesting point that the reason childhood seems like such a long time, is because you were constantly doing new and different things. Assuming that's true, then this^ advice will also make the rest of your life feel as long and enriching as your youth.

  29. Man please let this be the way. I thought about it the other day and I pretty much know what's up with my life barring major events.

  30. I was mostly advertising at first. I am not going to lie. But I also had to move across the country and weird shit during then too so I had no time 🥲 but now I bought a cactus for use and I am shoving it inside of me safely after my period. It is no longer a joke for me. I ask for the 5 days above and then after that y’all can rightfully hate me

  31. Not sure why everyone is downvoting you. I mean it's pretty well laid out what you're doing and sorry guys it's Thanksgiving week last week. Stuff don't get done.

  32. Id love to know as well. One of my plants are looking almost exactly like that. I admit pH is probably my weakest area but I've been making sure the water I'm putting in is adjusted.

  33. Are they playing RL among us? If so the imposter kinda sucks.

  34. I pointed this out in a different thread and someone responded acting like I was nuts for pointing this out.

  35. Well no, but we just watched a video of two morons watching themselves hitting a car trying to autopark.

  36. Keyless cars are fucking turd too. Takes about 3 times longer to start. Then you've got to fuck around trying to get the electronic hand brake off.

  37. I actually love my keyless. Only time it's been a pain is when I let key battery die. But that's 100% my fault so no biggie.

  38. All I can think of when I see you're posts is I hope you have a bit of an exhibitionist kink and are having fun with all this. Well and making bank.

  39. I've already decided I'm going root veg heavy next year! Any tips?

  40. I’ve gotten the highest I’ve ever been by mixing a gram of decarbed weed into a milkshake(the fat from the ice cream breaks down the weed quicker)…be careful 😂

  41. The highest I've ever been you don't say. I got a feeling I'm going to be looking into this.

  42. It wasn't one of those ones that he couldn't have saved? I mean when I'm in a funk I'll definitely give up on a play, especially in 1's.

  43. I don't think you should put yourself in a position to respond to toxicity by being toxic yourself and risking a ban. Better to just not try as hard and make some tactical whiffs.

  44. Accidentally bump them or turn away from the play with a "need boost" quick chat resulting in opponent goal. They usually quit. I'd rather play with a bot....

  45. I say nice shot and Savage whenever I see anyone make a nice one. I mean we're here to have fun right? It's why I love 1's. Direct respect and whatnot. It's easy to take lightly I guess.

  46. Everyone just seems to assume the spikes will still be on it? I mean I definitely see a way for you to uphold your uhh honor? without mutilating yourself

  47. Yeah, but I won’t lie to people either and tell them the spikes will be on it 😭 still a funny idea tho. But I will uphold my end of this bargain while being safe :)

  48. Well it'll still be quite entertaining I'm sure

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