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  1. Part 13 is here a day early, and I hope you find it to be a more positive turn of events. The ball in now in the human/Venlil court to hunt down Sovlin and his underlings. What do you guys think of Recel? A hero, or someone who spoke up much too late? What do you think is the appropriate response from Earth?

  2. I'm not sure Marcel will bounce back quite so quickly mentally. He was frightened at the idea of experimentation by the Venlil and his fears were confirmed under his treatment of the Federation.

  3. I dunno. We jokingly call our house House of the Broken Dolls and everyone who lives here has PTSD.

  4. Nooo don’t divide that peony! It’s GORGEOUS and can last 100 years in that spot. Next year put a tomorrow cage over it and that’ll support the stalks so they don’t flop everywhere.

  5. My partner is a chef and breaks down animals at work all the time so I suggest getting a sexy chef on the homestead.

  6. This won’t work on all flying monkeys but I just detail Linda’s abuse and most of them are so horrified they stop.

  7. Oh we have told her off it’s just she’s so crazy it’s as if we never said anything at all, she has her own running narrative on what’s happening around her. She’s actually that insane. I can’t get a restraining order right now because the sheriff was not cooperating with me on getting any police report down just yesterday he finally wrote something down (he must’ve realized that whatever she told him was false) and I checked that it was legitimate so now I could possibly approach the idea of doing a restraining order but because of the way she is I almost wanna wait for an entire year and go disappear. Get all of my mail to a PO Box in another town and just pick it up once a week. And get a fence a big fence. I’m still gonna pursue something on this Police Department because honestly they should’ve helped me sooner. I’m probably going to buy the property under an LLC or something so it won’t even have our names on it. I’m going to do everything in my power while she won’t be able to just darken my doorstep again.

  8. As a heads up if you buy a property with an LLC you usually need 20% down instead of 3%. It was a non starter for us because I’d that.

  9. I thought it did a really good job of wrapping up some of the questions from season one.

  10. Does Alan get more screen time, or any of the background characters from season one?

  11. Yeah his story is pushed a little further back but he gets over some of his need to control hos life and be perfect. And Maxine gets more time and she’s hilarious and awesome.

  12. Yeah super glue is not a good option here. Nail glue is cheaper, is less likely to cause damage, and isn’t toxic.

  13. If you can- set up a fishing wire trellis on the south and west sides of your house and grow something Like cucumbers up the trellis but keep it a foot away from the walls.

  14. I think glylactic pads once a week until you get a tolerance and can go to 3x a week with salicylic pads the days in between would correct your texture issues.

  15. I am a Voodoo Priestess, as was both of my grandmothers, and I would add here, that having a Voodunist character in and of itself is not a bad thing...IF you take the time to research the ACTUAL Voodoo religion-

  16. Wow, you are very lucky that she lives far away! Lol I hate to sound rude, but my MIL being 10 minutes away makes it tough. We live in a townhouse and have a balcony. Is it rude if I tell her she can’t smoke on the balcony? She has before, but when kids are involved, I want to set the boundary of having zero tolerance.

  17. A is a better answer because it does not just focus on lycopine.

  18. I’ve talked to several people who were circumcised as adults and they all regretted it. It’s not a core principle of the Christian faith (the argument about if non Jewish converts needed to be circumcised was settled before the divinity of Christ was established in church history- the answer is no, has been for a solid 2,000 years).

  19. Thank you! I have a near Golden Retreiver need for praise and snacks and this means a lot to me!

  20. Who's a good wordsmith? Who's a good wordsmith? You are, yes you are!

  21. THis is wonderful, thanks for the story and I look forward to the next chapter.

  22. If most of the Christians I've met are going to heaven I want to go ANYWHERE ELSE as an eternity of their shit sounds like the worst thing imaginable.

  23. My grandma bought me the regular Brio and it still wasn't clean enough for my mom and she would redact sections she didn't think i needed to read. A fucking Focus on the Family publication wasn't fundie enough for her.

  24. To be totally fair to your brother- we've had a LOT of stories of JustNo's getting people's addresses in crazy ways. Going through their entire GPS history. Location tracking apps. Breaking into people's phones. Hiring private detectives.

  25. There's a constant temp at certain depths that by digging trenches and circulating the air you can grow food all year around and create a microclimate.

  26. These are so freaking cool, I want to have some of them and I’m happy for you and a little jelly for me!

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