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  1. the neckline and hair reminds me of monique's last reunion

  2. it might be the bravo docket? I don't listen but they go over all the legal drama that surrounds bravolebitries

  3. So Melinda strausse posted her daughter's amazon wishlist so followers could buy things to celebrate her bat. I find that super annoying considering how obviously comfortable her family is. I know many creators do similar things, this was just a recent one that bothered me

  4. you should watch the architectural digest video him and his wife did in her family castle. he comes across cringe/braggy but also like he has a chip on his shoulder about her aristocratic background, hardly lets her describe the history of the castle aka something he knows little about and is just loud af.

  5. My mom grew up near Glin Castle and I've wanted to get married there for years. It seems like they did a lot of work restoring it

  6. I heard some housewives make up to $750k per season for doing literally nothing but arguing and drinking champagne so I’m sure bravo could cough up a few extra dollars to support our actual hard working entertainers

  7. That's only veterans and HW who were famous before being cast tho. Monique said her first season she got $60k

  8. wait, he's gay? I thought he had a gf lol.

  9. they literally showed him with his fiance in the first episode

  10. okay this is probably controversial but I always FF that segment bc it's very slow and boring to me and I figure I'll get to know their backstory from the feeds lol

  11. I think about her all the time. I run past the apartment building it happened in literally every day.

  12. the cast for that is well known, they've been filming for a while. they may actually be done?

  13. But the blind says it would be the author's second adaption, has 7 husbands of evelyn hugo been confirmed? it could be that

  14. She already acts like it’s so hard being conservative in Hollywood and like she’s the victim because of it. She made a TikTok with the ‘am I the drama? I don’t think I’m the drama’ tik tok sound.

  15. whenever conservatives use that sound, I wanna know if they realize where it's from lol

  16. Totally disagree - and I’m Italian from NY — but different opinions are what make the world go around 😊 Plus who needs another talk show? Bravo is definitely way too show heavy. I’ve given up on RH (except for Melbourne!) and am now solely a Below Deck viewer. Nice to see people working for a change!

  17. what does you being italian have to do with anything lol

  18. I get that but would you at least try to see it and understand it from the other person's point of view? I'm not saying it's right and you should agree with it but it's how a lot of men deal with their loneliness and can't get any type of intimacy from a woman.

  19. I don't want to date someone that views a very important part of a relationship in a completely different way than I do.

  20. I understand that and you shouldn't change your views and be with someone with similar views. But many men don't get to experience having that intimacy the same way unless they pay for it. I mean there's a difference between someone using sex workers for fun and pleasure and someone using sex workers for intimacy because they are lonely. Again I'm not trying to defend it but it makes me kinda sad because it's embarrassing and pathetic to admit doing that and to get judged like you're a terrible person only because you were lonely and wanted some intimacy. I never visited a sex worker but it has crossed my mind when I was really down and lonely.

  21. .... huh? If you go to a SW and have sex with them because you were depressed it's no different than if you did it because you thought it would be fun.

  22. 1/4 of all hospitals in the US?

  23. In Washington state 41% of hospitals were Catholic before a big merger last year, I can’t find the stats now but I know that every medical center in my immediate area is Catholic.

  24. I believe you, I was surprised because I always think of the US as being more evangelical/mainline protestant than Catholic, but it definitely seems plausible

  25. Tbf she's been engaged for a few months now. Short engagement but not crazy

  26. his makeup is sooo bad here.

  27. Like, legitimately, WHY do these pea brained fucking bigots ALWAYS associate the LGBTQ+ community with pedophiles and trying to groom or recruit their kids. Did I miss something somewhere?

  28. They were already homophobes and this is an easy way for them to attack the community

  29. That's what ruined deep water for you? lol

  30. No, I thought she was from Spain. I can’t stand when people call Spanish speakers ‘Spanish.’ It’s like calling people ‘English’ from the USA (or any English speaking place that isn’t England). It doesn’t make sense.

  31. tbf to you she started her career in Spain

  32. no I don't think it's that lol a lot of straight women don't mind some femininity.

  33. I disagree but to each their own. Going off photos alone I would think he's my type. It's his responses and his beliefs that would be a big no from me lol

  34. Boring and with no personal touches sure, but it seems like a totally normal house to me

  35. Wondering people's thoughts on YouTuber Psychology in Seattle (Dr. Kirk Honda). I used to casually watch his videos, and just saw that he has a series reacting to the AH/JD trial. I skimmed the comments on his most recent video, and they are overwhelmingly from JD supporters, praising his coverage. It honestly seems like he is leaning into this topic for increased views and engagement. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm still disappointed 😞

  36. NOOO not Dr. Kirk Honda!! so disappointing, I had such a good opinion of him before

  37. I hate snarking on looks but did rach parcel / Pink Peonies get an entirely new face? I’m sure I’m late to this since I don’t follow her but she popped up on my IG and it took me a second to realize who she was.

  38. she looks so much like lydia from RHOM now

  39. Ok u guys don’t down vote me but yakno Diana Jenkins is known for SW———- crystal says she worked as like secretary for an escort agency. Like I do not believe she was a secretary lol anyways I’m thinking they’ve known each other from that lifetime

  40. no I disagree. If Crystal had ever been a SW, she probably wouldnt have acknowledged the secretary job bc that would just lead to more questions. Plus she was only 19/20 when she met Rob.

  41. I was spanked with a wooden spoon as a child, and I'm completely well-adjusted. 😬😬😬😬

  42. lol same my mom is always like "see? you turned out fine you have an AMAZING life" Yes Mom, in spite of the corporal punishment. Not as a result.

  43. Are we pretending like they are not going to work for her father for twice what everyone else in the office gets?

  44. Didn't her dad have to file for bankruptcy a few years ago tho? I don't think they can afford to support them

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