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  1. I'm not trying to be a pessimist, but stating "system design efficiency" instead of actual efficiency is a red flag. I'm wondering how it compares to other types of large scale grid storage.

  2. Or it means they just turned it on this week and don't yet have actual operating data.

  3. No, you immediately know the ratio of energy in to energy out. They might just not want to state it at this time.

  4. Oh stop it. You have no clue. It was just connected to the grid and probably isn't even in full operation yet. You need a fair amount of data to confidently spec the efficiency.

  5. They delayed inspections and maintenance due to COVID. They also moved maintenance up ahead of this winter. When you shift 3-4 years worth of maintenance into one year, your power output is going to be lower then normal.

  6. You sound like this was all just planned routine maintenance. It wasn't.

  7. 31 reactors are stopped. Among them 16 for planned maintenance that were delayed due to Covid. 14 for corrosive issues and 2 for saving combustibles. 26 of the 31 reactors stopped are announced to start again on the 25th of December. In addition, last winter 17 nuclear reactors were inactive and this didn’t cause any cut of electricity.

  8. The increase in battery electric ranges for cars isn't comparable because, while the technology did improve yes, the vast majority of the range increase happened because we've just kept adding batteries and making cars heavier. You can't just keep adding batteries to trucks because they have limits on how heavy they can be. Not only that, we're using the same battery technologies for trucks that we're using for cars and we've already Improved them most of the way that it is possible to do so. There are physics determined limits to how much better a lithium battery can get.

  9. The Tesla semi hasn't even undergone independent third party testing, as far as I know. It's just been musk saying it reached that range

  10. They've been undergoing testing for two years, are currently on the price list and being purchased and shipping to customers before the end of the year. This isn't vaporware if that's what you're trying to insinuate.

  11. What is not included here is the storage cost necessary for solar and wind. Coal, gas, and nuclear run 24/7.

  12. Pumped hydro represents 95 percent of the current grid storage and it was built to support nuclear plants. Give us a break with your ignorant talking points.

  13. It has zero intrinsic value other than the faith that someone dumber will come along and pay more than you did for something valueless. And yes, energy consumption that produces nothing useful is bad. Especially this much. Bitcoin is a 'cryptocurrency' btw.

  14. Do you think Bitcoin is useless to feminist activists in Nigeria who had their bank accounts frozen? Citizens in Venezuela in the midst of hyperinflation? Afghanis fleeing their country after the Taliban took over?

  15. It's not a monetary network. It's not legal tender. It's not backed by any governments or assets. Look what happened to El Salvador. And many more people have lost their savings gambling on bitcoin than have profited. Scammers love it though.

  16. Hits 30,000 ft, a good start. LEO is about 525,000 ft though so they have to sling a rocket that can finish the job.

  17. 30,000 ft was just the first test launch. The goal is putting 200 kg satellites into low earth orbit.

  18. Yes, we know what low earth orbit means. Are you trying to make a point? If so, say it.

  19. "Of choice" means what is being built out right now. Few are building pumped storage these days. Like only 2GW added in the past 10 years. Compared to batteries that added 4.2GW in 2021 alone

  20. Batteries are the choice for short duration (<4 hrs) storage. Pumped hydro is long duration and more suitable for bulk energy storage. There are a number of new closed-loop pumped hydro projects in the queue but they take forever to get approval.

  21. Currently, the biggest shortages of power tend to be during peak times for around a 4 hour or less period. And as mentioned, LION batteries do more than just storage, they also do grid balancing, this lets them pay for themselves very quickly compared to pump hydro which is while cheaper upfront for large long term storage takes decades to pay itself off as it can't do FCAS. Too slow response time

  22. Using Google messages and a Galaxy S10+. Before I turned on that setting I couldn't even type out a message on my watch. After turning it on, I was able to open the keyboard and type. I hit send and it just did nothing. No error message either. I assumed maybe once my phone reconnected to WiFi or Bluetooth it would then send the message, but it didn't. So idk what's going on 🤷‍♂️. My guess is the LTE watch has some extra data features that help out on this scenario.

  23. Yeah I'm using Google messages on my phone as well.

  24. Well I'm out of theories then! I guess they just don't work the same.

  25. You may be surprised. It's mainly some basic algebra, geometry and trig. Not like the years of calculus required for engineering degrees. Here's a sample:

  26. Yep. But it's more about understanding the concepts than actually using the equations to solve problems on a day to day basis IMHO. Computer simulators do most of the heavy lifting for design engineers.

  27. Unless it's green it isn't clean

  28. There's going to be a huge transition for the auto industry. EV drivetrains are basically an electric motor, a battery and a computer along with some power electronics. No combustion engines with thousands of moving parts, cooling systems, exhaust systems, transmissions, fuel systems, etc. Some workers will retrain and make the transition but they're also going to need a whole lot of outside talent.

  29. My GW4 overheated twice but it hasn't happened since a software update supposedly fixed the problem. On my GW5 Pro it hasn't happened once.

  30. You can use any USB charger. You can get one for less than $10 on

  31. Yes. So the title of this post is misleading, as being 100% solar had nothing to do with surviving the storm. It was the design of the streets and buried lines

  32. Pretty much what many people feared. UAE is capturing only 70 percent of CO2 emissions. Saudi Aramco is capturing none and claims it's using carbon offsets from an unrelated chemical plant. Neither are sequestering the CO2 and both are using it for enhanced oil recovery. No mention of the methane emissions.

  33. Usually it's signal strength that determines it. Low cell signal, just like a phone, is going to be harder on the battery.

  34. I'd like to see this. It was my intent to do the same but they wouldn't provision it without a line. Actually they couldn't online or in the store. Ported my number and saving money, it all works great.

  35. They set up mine at a t-mobile store with no hesitation. Of course it's not a shared number plan but with call forwarding I get all my calls and texts on the watch. You have to use a hidden menu to bring up the QR code scanner by the way.

  36. Are you using it without the phone? How many minutes on a call at a time? Which carrier / country / watch model(s)? Which software version?

  37. You didn't answer the question about call length. That's pretty crucial because that's what triggers the overheating. And by the way I'm not calling you a liar....yeah it works for a few minutes LOL...I just said I'm having a hard time believing you haven't seen this issue at all, especially if you are using it that frequently on it's own for LTE phone calls. There are tons of complaints on Samsung"s own members website and on Reddit as well about this including about the Watch 5 overheating on LTE, let alone previous models. Don't just take my word for it...

  38. Charging a 100kWh battery in 3 minutes is going to present some interesting engineering challenges.

  39. There's a new standard for CCS with up to 3MW output. Mostly intended for electric semi trucks and airplanes.

  40. The topic of the article is internet nuclear bros, not nuclear energy.

  41. Lol ok dude. I was hoping you wanted to have a discussion, but I guess you just want to devolve into throwing mud. Cheers.

  42. You both have interesting points, but it would be a better read if you participated in a discussion rather than make it an argument.

  43. Pumped hydro is just one of a number of dispatchable options for renewable energy grids. I didn't claim it was a panacea, just that it has far more potential than it was given credit for. DOE estimates that just upgrading existing dams can give us tens of gigawatts of additional capacity. And closed-loop pumped hydro is much more attractive as it doesn't require damming moving water sources.

  44. I don't ever reboot my watch unless it needs it.

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