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  1. Some people go to a restaurant intending to find a way not to pay. If this guy ever shows back up at your restaurant again, the manager should tell him to get out and stay out.

  2. maybe look for a job in a place that doesnt open on sundays i imagine like many places in hospitality sundays are pretty busy days and while you have the right to practice your religion it means that if you always have sundays off it means that no one else can take sundays off so its also a little unfair to your work colleagues

  3. If the restaurant is so short-staffed that only one person can be off on Sundays, that's a hiring/management problem.

  4. Look for a new job, one that either isn't open on Sundays or will honor your request to be off on Sundays.

  5. Everything will be open. It's a busy time in the area.

  6. Go to Hartford for rafting. Gatlinburg is not the party spot that bachelor parties are looking for. Not sure why it has that reputation.

  7. I'm not looking for strip clubs or wild bars I'm looking for a great memorable experience with fun and adventure. Of landmarks, museums, over looks, white water rafting zip lining, paintball etc.

  8. Well, you're right next door to the nation's most visited national park with all sorts of vistas, overlooks and more than 900 miles of hiking trails.

  9. This is the kind of person who's name and phone number needs to be kept on record by management. No more reservations of any kind for this person.

  10. Thank you so much! This is perfect! I'm noting all of these down as I plan for what I should tackle.

  11. Yes, the observation tower is very popular. There will be plenty of people around. It's only a half-mile walk, but it is very steep.

  12. So much for the claims previously that none of the draft picks would actually sign/play in the USFL.

  13. As an outsider why is that? Are these players that didn't get taken in the NFL last year? Or guys that are gonna be in it this year?

  14. These were all players who were in college last fall so they're draft-eligible for the NFL, CFL and wherever.

  15. Time to start looking for somewhere else. Sections with a max of three tables essentially says you don't think your servers can handle more than that.

  16. Yeah, it was banned just a month ago. It's probably not getting re-activated anytime soon.

  17. They're shadowbanned (when you click on the user name, it says there is no such user). They will have to do the appeal in the link

  18. Someone posted today, and an admin responded saying that they were still working on it.

  19. Since this appears to be OPs first post / comment in 2 years I'd guess that's exactly what happened.

  20. Wait ... what's a fireable offense? Offering free sauce (which you did) or not smiling?

  21. I'm on mobile now and cant test out code or anything, but you need the is_contributor parameter.

  22. This is correct. Adding is_contributor: false to any Automod rule makes approved users exempt from that rule.

  23. Is that the only rule/code you have in your AutoModerator?

  24. Yes. Ok, so if I add a reason to the automod, that will at least parse what was removed by the automod code and reddit. It sounds like it's reddit removing the comments then. Thanks.

  25. Yes, if you add action_reason: "REASON" to each of your Automod rules, that reason will show with the action in your mod log.

  26. Yes, both are known and have been unusable for a few days now. Very frustrating.

  27. Yes, contact the Department of Labor and start there. Both the state office and the local branch of the federal department. Between those two, and likely the IRS, they'll handle the bulk of it without you having to hire an attorney.

  28. Yes for W-2 and 250$ fine per day everyday after until received

  29. Then report at as well. She'll either be broke and out of business from all of the fines, or she might end up in prison.

  30. You can't see a list of members unless your subreddit is private.

  31. I don't know that there are many options other than a painting/post/piece of artwork.

  32. And you're just going to leave us guessing what it was about?!?!? Come on ...

  33. Some just enjoy the power and control of being able to randomly decide who participates in their subreddits and who doesn't.

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