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The process of taking a painful L

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Listen, get educated, and get involved.

A smol, delicate danger noodle.

  1. Ask for a few bitcoins for keeping it a secret

  2. I trust you bro. Like I trust all influencers and buy shitcoins.

  3. Ai gonna destroy us. Crypto gonna save us.

  4. Buy and goto jail or buy and go in coma. Only ways to hold.

  5. Isn’t crypto just one big casino? That’s why we are here, right guys?

  6. cocky af mf taken down, i wish he gets a cellmate.

  7. Best advice in recent times I’ve seen thanks.

  8. Did you find any solution for this? This happens with me on Kubuntu even with USB_AUTOSUSPEND disabled and both for wired and wireless mice.

  9. Nope. Posted in Manjaro forum as well, no help. Went with endeavour os. You can try using laptop mode tools and disable usb auto suspend in runtime.conf.

  10. So, this problem is not present in endeavour os? Which DE did you chose with eos btw?

  11. KDE plasma on eos. Using laptop mode tools and it works well. Getting 3.30 hours with sound on speakers. Without sound get around 4 hours.

  12. If only some of the other developed and so called intelligent countries are this rational.

  13. She doesn’t deserve a post here anymore. She deserves to spend the rest of her life with her soulmate sbf.

  14. And yet Binance has a mysterious outage and bitcoin has strong resistance at 28k

  15. It sounds like his bribe didn't go through and they had to reconfirm the arrest

  16. Do the opposite what this sub and Cramer says

  17. You need big money to make airdrops worthwhile.

  18. This is going to be his legit argument with governments coming down on crypto

  19. The whole world depends on the US. If the US economy fails, so does the economy of the rest of the world. Just look at what happened in Iceland.

  20. Moons are payments for all the hard work redditors of this sub do.

  21. Would we believe if Santoshi’s old wallet comes alive and does a transaction to kyced cex??

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