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  1. Wow 😳 imagine running into your favorite YouTuber while going to school

  2. If i would ever meet 2set before school i’d straight up skip it and just talk to them lol

  3. HAHAHA i did stand there and talked to him for a few mins then RAN to class 🙉🙉 I didn't want to take up too much of his precious time 🥺

  4. Hey incoming international SOSS feshie also~ is there any groups for us on reddit Instagram or Facebook?

  5. Same here 🙉 is there any intl smu studebts group that i can join to ask for help 😿

  6. Heyyy I'm also matriculating this year, I will be overseas until beginning of August tho... Is there compulsory events before that?...

  7. I didn't do any interview or test... I just recieved an invitation for Discovery Day and then an offer a few days later

  8. Hello! For those who received offers/rejections, were they sent via email?

  9. You can check the portal to download the official admission letter also...

  10. oh, did you go for any interview?

  11. No... they didn't send me any interview invitation...

  12. oh, I didn't know they've started sending out rejection emails alr! all the best though, hope some other opportunities come your way! 👍🏼

  13. Thank you! I didn't expect the email too 🥲 all the best to you!!


  15. bro i love your art so much, but i hate people who are like “i draw so bad” and then they’re like SO GOOD LMAO 😂

  16. awww haha thank you!! anw, i'm a female.

  17. I really like the use of the green on his head! You are sure on your way to be the next Ling Ling in art. I would advise to experiment with colors (especially the 'weird ones' like the green on the face) more, since you are already on your way to have a very unique and interesting color palette. You definately have feel for color so keep that! And furthermore try to stay true to yourself, always doing what you want to do even if that's not what people ask. The best art (in my opinion) is original and entirely the result of the artists choices, not societies'. Good Luck!!

  18. Omg thank you! I really appreciate your advice! I love to mix "weird" colors and experiment with different color combinations, but my art teacher does not really like that haha. Anyways, thank you again, your comment makes my day <3

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