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  1. Just to answer your first question, many people might benefit from some sort of mental health care, however that concern about things such as their firearms, which might be misplaced, could hold them back from that. They are not necessarily a danger to themselves or others but they are dissuaded from trying something based on their perceptions of what might happen.

  2. People without guns also face issues seeking treatment. Many worry about affects on their job or perhaps if others find out how they might be affected.

  3. I still think that if someone is choosing not to get mental health assistance because they are afraid they will lose the ability to own and buy guns, I'd consider that a red flag. If a friend sat in my living room and told me they were doing that, I'd tell them to seek help and I'd tell them that guns aren't (or shouldn't be) that important.

  4. Some people discover that flight instructing is more rewarding than airline work and stay instructors. That's where Chief Flight Instructors come from.

  5. I had something similar happen to me because I didn't know better and sold a car (private party) and didn't keep the plates. I had nothing to turn in!

  6. Corner blocks are often used because doing the corners for crown moulding is tricky. Corner blocks make it a much simpler project. Unfortunately, the prior owner has picked a style that doesn't work with the rest of the home.

  7. If you've ever been to Guam you realize that it's a very small place where everyone is in on each other's scams. Also I've never seen so many brothels in one place outside of German red light districts. And all of this in the USA. It's a weird weird place, and I'm not surprised about this at all. All it takes is for two people to be buddy buddy and in the right jobs and you have something like this happen.

  8. I've heard Guam is for people who think Reno is too up-tight.

  9. Gotcha so would it be possible to run all the roms simply through coin ops or whatever the thing is called on the Atgames console? I’m happy to bypass the pi I just figured it would be useful to have for some better graphical quality. But if the ALU can handle everything I’m happy with that too

  10. Yeah I mean the goal is to build an everything arcade so that when ppl come over chances are I'll have the game they want. But agreed it seems the atgames can do most of what I want

  11. If that's the goal, you need a PC. A Pi will have some quirks and caveats, but a PC can run anything, including pinball.

  12. No matter what you think of Lucid as a company, you have to admit that Rawlinson is a really likable guy.

  13. It's up to you, but you usually don't want actual white walls. It reflects a lot of light and it's hard to add trim contrast without making your trim a weird color.

  14. You need at least an electrician. It can vary widely, but it'll probably be cheaper than a month of supercharging.

  15. I have accidented my way into the good graces of a guy who's straight up fun to fly with and refuses to let me buy gas. I feel like I won some secret lottery.

  16. Thanks. Unfortunately, it's the type of problem that is not hard to identify in broad terms, but that would be extremely difficult to solve.

  17. Even some of the basic terms are hard to define. What's "indentity" and where do you get it? How do you describe "societal pressure" without using the words "society" or "pressure"?

  18. Lots of these posts I've been finding have been ugly. Thanks for putting it like that.

  19. It's seen as weakness and as open-minded as we say we are, we're naturally or societally put off by weakness.

  20. Maybe FoxIt Editor. It's a lot more streamlined than Acrobat.

  21. That doesn't mean anything. "That part of the world" is just a vague statement. It's full of fearmongering and implications without explanation.

  22. The former soviet bloc is an area of the world, isn't it?

  23. We’re also all hoping like hell that all the hardware floating around remains under the control of the legitimate Ukrainian government and that no missiles or machine guns fall off the back of a truck somewhere between the airport and the front lines.

  24. Fortunately, that part of the world isn't known for corruption or terrorism ... (checks map) ... Oh, wait...

  25. Some of the Van Anda aircraft look rough, but I'd fly them into hell and out the other side. They do not mess around on maintenance.

  26. Oh, and clear it with your insurance provider. You're signing up for 100 hour inspections and your insurance rates may triple. If you're making money instructing, maybe that's not a problem.

  27. I haven't even seen the battle. I'm so ready...

  28. Growing pains are a thing, but they'll get it. Hopefully they have enough service bandwidth to make it right.

  29. Austin doesn't build the Y Performance (yet) so you were always going to get a Fremont vehicle, which will very likely be the best car you've ever owned.

  30. You won't get every update in order. You'll get them when Tesla pushes it for your specific car, which tends to happen every 8 - 10 weeks.

  31. My parking sensors beep insistently, especially if I'm within 12" of an obstacle.

  32. The forward camera is not located in a place where it would be useful for parking.

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