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  1. That "don't throw stuff on the ice" graphic didn't age well


  3. Yes. Along with Mexico and Canada. Your country actually has a rich history in football but rather than taking the time to get better at it, they just said fuck it and invented another sport, on top of that started calling it football. Look up usa’s football history, you will be surprised.

  4. Jesus how fucking pressed are you about us calling it soccer and playing it. Christ above. Be pressed about something else.

  5. I was actually saying good things about the history of football in America.

  6. This entire post is you shitting on us and our history of the sport. Don’t backtrack now dude.

  7. It’s actually the correct call, this thread is

  8. Maybe if you stopped quoting the USA HOCKEY RULEBOOK you’d understand why this isn’t a cut and dry call dude.

  9. Those get called all the time. It’s a pick play, I have no problem with it.

  10. That’s not a pick play. Where’s Cale supposed to go? He is barely moving, not engaged with anybody else. He isn’t even looking at the player he inadvertently had contact with.

  11. Turns out Cale Makar not only is one of the best of his position but he has a, what the kids call, "phat ass".

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