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  1. Proud of you! Im starting mine right now in a similar place. You’ll be there in no time!!

  2. So precious omg his purrs are so strong. Hims happy boy 🥰

  3. PLS he got right up and was ready to do it again. Legend

  4. You think so. But that doesn't mean it is true at all. Sex is a tool of the spirit, not a way to make money. Not something to do when youre bored. Not a way to gain power or fame. It is not meant to be done absent of emotion.

  5. No I totally respect your view and I agree that sex for a lot of people is a spiritual and emotional experience. Actually, I personally, have the same beliefs. I could not have sex outside of a trusted and loving relationship. All i’m doing is trying to help people see that other people with different views on sex are just as much ‘right’ than the rest of us. It can get really slippery when you start expecting everyone’s view of sex (or anything) to be the same as yours, otherwise, someone is less than you. Two separate views can exist together without one being less than.

  6. No i get it.. the reason im so firm in my belief is cause my best friend is struggling with depression and other things and is very lost right now, and since i met him he's been lying to himself saying "he's fine with emotionless sex" and he has a fuck buddy thats like 10 years older than him, and they really do have zero attachment from what i can see and its mind boggling for me, and honestly extremely disgusting cause they're both just using each other for their bodies... and the worse part is i can see right through his act. He has major self confidence issues, and believes wholeheartedly he doesn't deserve anyone, and that no one could EVER love him, and I've told him since we became close he could get any girl he wanted if he was just more confident... its a cycle for most people who have emotionless sex to try to make themselves believe that they're enjoying it, and its fun, and worth their time, but once its done they feel the same way they would if using porn, just dirty and unsatisfied. There can be no sexual gratification without love, or a connection. And regardless of those things existing in a sexual relationship if the sex is an addition to somethin like getting money from them for you to survive... then you should really rethink your life, and who you are as a person because morally if i were in that situation id kill myself with how bad id feel for using that person. Im starting to get the sense that about 60% of people in the world literally don't realize that the people around them are humans too, and feel just as they do. Or don't.... I don't get it, people are animals sexually, morally, societally... go on pornhub... 90% of it is step family porn, and the rest is violent and abusive... the way the world is turning is definitely in the favor of people like this guys sister... Onlyfans... its a prostitution site.. Instagram... its a place for popular people to make regular people feel insignificant and poor. Facebook... is for everyone who likes drama and LOVES to spread it. The world is FUCKED And excuse my aggression before im just so tired of people thinking they know whats best when they've never even seen the best.

  7. I am sorry to hear your friend is going through a rough time. It seems as though you have had some close relationships that have solidified your beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their own.

  8. My heart. This is hard to read. Sending so much support, I am terribly sorry. This pain will not last forever. Is there any way you can see the individual therapist weekly? I know financial and work situations make this difficult. But I started seeing a therapist through a local university Pysch clinic and the sessions are only 10$ for twice a week. And this is pretty common in most schools. 1000x recommend this! I didn’t even know it was a thing. It has allowed me to take care of myself and actually afford it.

  9. Thank you stranger. I will definitely look into that as I am craving more weekly therapy, but finances are the main hurting point. I have a promotion, but not for another month, and I desperately need it now.

  10. Absolutely. It WILL get better. You’re doing the best you can right now and that’s enough.

  11. He looks like a guy who would brag about shitting on someone’s lawn

  12. Because shitty feelings are never ever permanent. Rather you believe that or not- they are never permanent.

  13. Hell yeah. I am also early 20s (22) and i feel the same way. Its also so hard to make friends our age especially with this outlook because everyone my age cares SO MUCH about social media. I find it very hard to connect authentically with anyone these days. Why follow people I don’t know? Another thing thats always blown my mind is people’s expectation that i SHOULD follow them or “add” them if I don’t have an issue with them. But when I UNfollow from MY PAGE simply bc i don’t agree or want to see what they post, they think I have a problem with them. Im tired of all of that drama and childish stuff. It’s all just a breeding ground for insecurity.

  14. I can’t imagine being young now with all that shit. As I replaced intelligence with wisdom as I aged I came to realize authenticity is synonymous with good and phoniness is synonymous with bad in the world. The shit now is like the conquest of phoniness and imitation and simulation. People with substance will walk a certain path and phony people will inevitably walk a different one. The world was rotten and doomed when I was going through that time in my life 25 years ago but now it’s like everybody is a politician for the nation of their own image and nothing is real. How is real even measured under these conditions?

  15. Exactly. Couldn’t have said it better myself. But when i try to explain my views to others they think i’m being too judgmental or something. It’s not that. If you want to base your reality on likes and temporary validation or something that isn’t even real … then you do that … but i cannot and i know my limits and how terrible and unauthentic it is.

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