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  1. 19 successful landing in a row. Nice streak!

  2. This is not quite as black and white as your post suggests. You can rent out your main residence, and not have it become subject to CGT.

  3. Join the airbnb subreddits, lots of useful info.

  4. Thanks, I'll check out the Airbnb subreddits.

  5. Objectively sure, but in the context of the pandemic where everyone lost enormously them turning a decent profit despite what was expected, is a gain to me.

  6. I get where you are coming from, i really do. But I think it is worth putting these numbers in perspective. Woolies is a huge operation, employing over 190k people in some capacity. They have over 1000 supermarket locations, and that is just part of their operations. Their results state that they had revenues of almost 61 billion dollars. A profit of 1.5 billion on revenues of 61 billion is less than 2.5%. That is amazingly tight! Considering how often the problem of the coles/woolies duopoly is raised, I would have expected these two to be making out like gangbusters, but they're not making fat stacks at all.

  7. its not like a household budget though. net profit isnt the whole story. For example, if I run a business, make off like a bandit and double my wage, profit can look pretty meagre, with the sudden jump in expenses.

  8. This sounds like a thing, but doesn't really make a lot of sense for a business/owner. If you increase salaries, you might reduce corporate profit, but income tax will kick in at a much higher rate than company tax rates. It might make sense if someone can put lots of unemployed family members on the books. It certainly doesn't apply to a publicly traded company like woolworths, the subject of this discussion.

  9. This is an example of shrinkflation. It's really bad optics to raise prices, so businesses do tricky bullshit because they think it looks better.

  10. Firefox mobile with ublock origin is where it's at.

  11. unfortunately, nearly no matter how bad it gets here with climate change, its' always going to be easier to fix earth than "move" to mars without an atmosphere, water, life, reduced amount of light and so on and so forth

  12. Grandparent's point was not that going to mars was a solution for climate change. Instead they are saying climate change (and other things) might close the window of opportunity for going interplanetary. If war was to break out, if there were a nuclear exchange, it would likely put an end to any near term plans of setting up a self sustaining off earth colony.

  13. I live in Ewa and it’s absolutely disgusting to me to think that we are basically running a huge generator for our electricity. Can you shed any light on why we aren’t using

  14. Wave power is really difficult to implement. Moving parts and saltwater do not play well together. Also, there is not as much energy in waves as you might imagine. Hawaii seems ideal for offshore windfarms and solar though.

  15. Unless I'm missing something I'm pretty sure Hawaii would have to import coal to fire in said coal plant. Seems like a no brainer getting rid of a coal plant in Hawaii

  16. Yes, the headline talks about it being done to help climate change, but I bet it's a large part economics. Which is actually great, because "people doing the right thing" is much less scalable than "it costs less", and at this stage probably the only chance we'll reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  17. But... yes mum. so unfair...would have been ok...I didn't want to do it anyway

  18. I'm all for public education, and think the US system of local councils paying for it really stupid. But did they say there was 80 students in the school district? At 1.6 million, that's 20k per student. When you have that context, suddenly all the "crazy" libertarians are starting to look a little less selfish, and more like people just wanting to tame the every growing, sacred cow budget.

  19. Dividends are old hat, stock bybacks are all the rage. Capital gains taxes are easier to avoid than dividend taxes.

  20. How are capital gains easier to avoid? Because the investor has more control over the timing of when she sells?

  21. Can someone explain to me why a company would pay dividends at all?

  22. Shareholders are the owners of the company. The profits are owned by the shareholders, because they own the company. If the company execs can make a convincing argument to use profits to expand the business, the shareholders can (via the board, votes etc) approve the choice to invest in initiatives. If the execs cannot make a compelling case to use the money effectively, the board can choose to pay dividends.

  23. Man, this joke got some interesting responses! People have so many takes on it. I didn't write it, but it tickled my fancy.

  24. Most of the people in the comments seem to have taken this as a chance to make fun of all feminists as if they were the cliche caricature. Kind of why "jokes" like this usually aren't very fun, all the nuance is lost and people just start punching down while acting like the strawmen are real

  25. Yeah, it's pretty disappointing actually.

  26. There is an unstated implication in your comment that the grandparents' dislike of the narrator's voice is because of implicit bias. Listening to the extract (and as you commented yourself) the narrator is obviously not a professional voice person. Her voice is "ok" for a normal person, but it's not great listening. A much more charitable interpretation of the GP's dislike for the narration would be that they don't like listening to hours of untrained voices, male, female, or otherwise.

  27. That would be very hard, if not possible, as brain controls many body processes. It would be hard to keep bodies like this alive for years.

  28. A charitable interpretation of the grandparent's comment would be "without higher-functioning brains".

  29. There is so much negativity in here. Obviously this could lead to some dark scenarios, but so could almost any technological advancement. This is exciting!

  30. Exactly. Thanks to land clearing and enormous tracts of land being dedicated to agriculture, Australia produces ~600Mt of CO2 per year (

  31. A number of people below were excusing china because it's the rest of the world that consumes the goods for which the pollution was produced. Given Australia has such a small population, they are not consuming the majority of the agricultural produce. Does Australia feeding the world mean anything in this equation? I guess if Australia didn't export so much food, there would be quite a lot of people going hungry (read: starving to death).

  32. You do not need a degree to be a scientist.

  33. I think that other newspace companies like Rocketlab, Relativity, and Firefly will capture much more attention from the space press than they currently do today.

  34. I'm curious to know how stable those oil rig paltforms are. With such a tall tower, even a small bit of movement in the base will translate to a sizable movement at the top of the tower. From what we've seen of the size of the landing pins/nubs, the landing will require a fair amount of precision. Adjusting the landing and chopstick arms to accommodate will be an interesting technical challenge.


  36. It's not just enough to look at the revenue. You need that in the context of capital outlay and operating costs.

  37. By "coding challenges" do you mean Leetcode? If so then I would say no at the last place I worked which was doing embedded C++ on safety critical medical devices.

  38. More take home coding problems. Write some code to take this input, process based on rules, give this output.

  39. Hmmm interesting point. Seeing as this happened so long ago, alot of countries in Asia and Europe als got made, but the indigenous population there kept their own names mostly. Don't see people calling Aboriginals native Australians e.g.

  40. Europeans still would have raped natives if the didnt establish a colony there so maybe, maybe not for the mixed indigenous aussies wouldnt exist point

  41. I'm not saying that the country of Australia needed to be formed for mixed race people to exist. I meant that the existence of all individuals that are alive right now, that were born in Australia wouldn't exist unless all the history that brought us to this point came to pass.

  42. You crazy son of a bitch. Have my upvote.

  43. Dont get me started on the reposted jokes. Everyone knows it's the same small handful of people reading them as well. They remind me if the dumbass at work who thinks they're smart because they hear somebody else get praised for using a particular method buzzword so they just copy it. So sad man just waste everyone's time. They don't even bother admitting that they've plagiarized they just try to get away with it as if we've all been on this sub for less than a day. Ok rant over I'll stop now :)

  44. Why is it dumb to copy the techniques of others that have been recognised as being good/effective?

  45. That's not what we're talking about here lol. We're talking about ppl doing a blatant copy/paste and then completely ignoring the fact that everyone's seen someone else do it like 5 seconds ago

  46. Ok, sure. Lol. Forgive my confusion, you wrote "They remind me if the dumbass at work who thinks they're smart because they hear somebody else get praised for a particular method of doing things so they just copy it." which I appear to have somehow misinterpreted.

  47. I won't be happy with equality until women make up 50% of workplace deaths.

  48. You joke, but if we're aiming for equality, this should be part of it. Achieving it should ideally bring the number of death in the workplace down, and more men doing safer jobs, and men not being expected to be providers.

  49. Women make less money than men often times due to bias. That's what the studies show.

  50. Firstly, I want to state that I respect women, and have worked with many talented women, and have absolutely no problems with women in the workforce, I apart from jobs that require lots of physical strength (which are few which could be redesigned) I don't think gender plays a role in whether people can do a good job or not.

  51. And then people complain about companies doing multiple rounds of interviews, coding challenges, and other time wasting exercises.

  52. When I was five, I imagined that there was such a thing as a unicorn. And this was before I had even heard of one, or seen one. I just drew a picture, of a horse, that could fly over rainbows, and a had a huge spike in its head. I was five! Five-years-old. Couldn't even talk yet.

  53. You couldn't talk a five? I'm guessing you mean "couldn't talk like an adult", because most five year olds are talking. Most kids say their first words before turning two.

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