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  1. They should go to NJ like the Giants and Jets and still act like they're an NY team.

  2. The only good thing about MSG is that it’s the most transit accessible arena in the western hemisphere by a long shot. An event being there gets allllll the suburbanites to take the train to the game/event.

  3. moving it like 10 blocks shouldnt be a big deal lol if someone is willing to travel 40 miles to go to a game

  4. I do think MSG is an icon, but Dolan is also a fucking toolbox and sorta deserves to have his venue bulldozed

  5. I don't think they'll bulldoze it but rather convert it

  6. The Jews invented magma, you know

  7. Yeah idk why the f anyone would practice a mid range shot anymore lmao. What a waste of time

  8. Just double it. Just like I did in chemistry.

  9. There's also a real blowjob scene in the movie

  10. A couple years ago they confessed that it wasn't real and they used a dildo.

  11. Those are two very different scenarios. G1 of 2018 finals, there was no guarantee he could score even if JR pass to him, and JR was his friend and teammate. If anything, he should be more angry towards that charging foul by KD which turned into blocking foul. The no call from last night turned a game winner to gut wrenching L, Lakers need every win they can scavenge this season if they want to make the playoffs in the wild west.

  12. Jr could have scored or they could have called TO. Lebron didn't even know how many TOs they had

  13. Not the late hit. The blatant missed holding call. The intentional grounding call when Perine is a foot from where the ball lands. The straight up Mulligan they gave the chiefs after the 3rd down. The iffy pass interference call. The multiple missed late hit calls. And many others

  14. Love how nantz asks about perine to the ref and romo intercepts the question and shuts it down

  15. Canada is a popular wpp destination

  16. it’s ridiculous that the on court official has to literally whip out a monitor and wait for a replay to load.

  17. Think the nba prefers the same ref checks on the court because it's more sus if NY does it. They want everything to be perceived as extremely aboveboard

  18. Hey now we unfortunately went to the same law school. It wasn’t perfect but it isn’t to blame for this shit.

  19. Mark Zaid went there too and he is a very successful, famous lawyer

  20. Hey, Megyn Kelly is successful and famous. She’s just also a bitch. I’ve met her a number of times and every interaction with her and her “team” is just awful.

  21. joseph ossai was just sobbing on the sidelines. I felt so terrible for him in that moment. I don't know how you go look at your teammates after that.

  22. Everyone in the world saw the foul except the ref standing right there 🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. Why does it matter with the wire when Cowboys (?) Stadium has that low jumbotron that has definitely been kicked and not been a rekick

  24. This happened to the cowboys. They couldn't confirm that it hit the stupid big video board

  25. I hate the jump balls in this league

  26. What even is the point of replay and all that shit if they don't use it when it matters.

  27. Pathetic, deplorable, horrendous, shameful, dishonourable, disreputable, discreditable, unworthy, shabby, inexcusable, unpardonable, unforgivable, reprehensible, despicable, abominable, revolting, unspeakable, beyond contempt, gregious, flagitious reffing

  28. guy gets paid millions to analyze the nba and refuses to watch one of the teams OR EVEN KNOW THEIR NAME

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