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  1. Bethenny was a fucking MESS on this trip and the ladies were so evil it was hard to watch fr

  2. Does anyone else have to get like really drunk or just be like at the peak of your mental state to text people back like istg being neurodivergent with crippling social anxiety is awful

  3. It helps me to set a routine with it. Like I’ll reply when I have my bath or last smoke before bed or something

  4. Love manga on the kindle so much. Reaaalllyyy floofy and cute little cloud there too

  5. Her being a champion for LGBTQ rights before it was trendy and a clout chase

  6. The fact that she was such a vocal supporter too like it wasn’t just oh let me bring it up once a year, she was performing everywhere and bringing up LGBTQ rights just as much

  7. Exactly. It may seem very on the nose today but Born This Way had unimaginable effects on an entire generation of queer people

  8. He’s sassy and mean and I love it ok. And it’s fine if not everyone else does

  9. Everyone’s been getting loose this whole time while I’ve just been getting Luxx

  10. Worry less about the person you once were. Or the person you dream you someday will be. Worry about the person you are now. Or don’t even worry! Just be that person. Be the best version of that person you can be. Be a better version than any of the other versions in any of the many parallel universes. Check regularly online to see the rankings.

  11. Feeling lost? Like you have no goal in life? Like you're covered in dirt and wet leaves? Like you're an earthworm? Are you an earthworm? Kinda sounds like you're an earthworm, actually

  12. Great picks! Magic crystals in particular I really love 🥰

  13. I think Cynthia has potential with the group and I'd love a bit more diversity in BH! Come on, Cheekbones!

  14. I have a lot of the body sprays and I’d say peach is one of the strongest for sure

  15. I highly recommend the latest paperwhite, the warm light makes reading in low light to fully dark so much more comfy

  16. So proud my husband Zhongli is gonna win the whole thing

  17. Addicted to the New York Times crossword app. My old man era

  18. Successfully fitted a screen protector with perfect alignment and zero hairs or bubbles

  19. Them: you can’t seriously still be that upset about ash and pikachu

  20. This is beautiful I need this to happen for me so much lol I hope it helps your Ayaya shine bright!!! ❄️ ✨ ❄️

  21. Unfortunately with an AI copy of the old narrator.

  22. Obsessed. This suits you so much and feels so effortlessly stylish and chic but still personal and inspired by who you are as a person

  23. Was really hoping for cute small knot wraps with the power up symbols or layouts of classic levels maybe but this is essentially just a giant fabric movie poster, I’d probably rather get another of the actual products than this personally but I hope others are happy with it

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