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Hey, developer of Apollo for Reddit here. I'm doing a completely free iPhone 14 Pro giveaway to commemorate Apollo's big iOS 16 update and new iPhone 14 Pro features. Just leave a comment to enter! 🎉📱

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Free Giveaway! Nintendo Switch OLED and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - International

When you follow your heart, love is the answer

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  1. Everybody needs to download Apollo. It’s a game-changer.

  2. Did this to Amazon once. Item was fully refunded, replaced by new one.

  3. It’s a new normal. You will likely not be able to have a good quenching drink anymore as in gulping quantities all at once. Some people can. I cannot.

  4. I could, to a degree I found worrying within the first few months. Then my gastroenterologist explained that liquid wouldn’t necessarily fill my stomach up, but rather go down directly. It was just a matter of time until i’d be able to drink more in shorter amounts of time. I still get reflux if I drink too fast though.

  5. I still refuse to believe being a fucking chirpy ensign makes you top choice for number one, but I digress.

  6. Just use this for some days and see if it’s working or not.

  7. Hey mate! This is happening to me too. Whatsapp web logs out and some messages (even though I Already read them) show the waiting for message window.

  8. Nigeria is NGA. Niger (a country) is NIG but they never played against Germany in football. And if they do, the order would probably be reversed to be GER-NIG

  9. Not if they played in Niger, as NIG would be the home team.

  10. Yeah, you better give me the insurance because I'm gonna beat the hell out of this car.

  11. do you really need to see disco? you need menagerie and balance off terror… the only thing disco adds is that pike saw the future and knows he ends up in a beeping chair

  12. You couldn't smooth a silk sheet if you had a hot date with a babe... I lost my train of thought.

  13. Where did you catch that they were left handed? I can figure Mark cause I recall a scene or other with him at his drawing board but what about Ann?

  14. 3 years in. Pretty much the same in my case, start was around that and current is 80 kg.As others have said, success beyond weight loss and changes to your body type vary vastly. In my case, my stool has never changed from dark green to the normal brown color, though gastroenterologists say it’s nothing. No fatigue except when dumping. Also B12, multivitamins, calcium and iron for life.

  15. No worries I actually don’t know why the reply was bold. 😂

  16. He is right though. IT DIDNT let us down. Stop the downvotes

  17. Thanks, that’s exactly what I meant. The season finale was wonderful. I don’t understand the downvotes either.

  18. Does your company have an accounting office?

  19. Or the dispatcher filled the load in incorrectly - didn’t add the lumper as part of the load. Anyway someone screwed up along the chain and it wasn’t OP

  20. I have stopped arguing about this with people. There is a lot of personal preference going into it which is understandable since millions of people use iPhone. A lot of people wanna have touch ID back in some way and I couldn‘t care less.

  21. Not to mention if you get an apple watch, unlocking every apple device just by being near is just a game changer.

  22. It’s no longer a TNG homage, it’s now also a DS9 homage - in a span of just 3 seasons, and it’s not even done yet. Hope Season 4 comes soon.

  23. Not to mention a Star Wars homage during that scene looking for the weak spot in the transmitter shielding - I kept expecting to hear a 'Stay on target'

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