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  1. That’s the benefit growing up poor. You know how to hustle. Get a gang of Ramen, Chicken legs, drumsticks, thighs, hamburger meat, tortillas and get to work lol

  2. also veggies like zucchini squash, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage etc can be super cheap.

  3. IT IS!!! its right near tompkins on 7th or st marks street

  4. Don't let your dogs go in the water; the algae will kill them.

  5. we dont have dogs but... thats concerning? are there areas where theres more algae? is it unsafe for us as regular swimmers?

  6. just turned 25 last weekend. read some of the stories on this sub, some people have been dealing with it for years.

  7. wow are you me? i got mono july 2021, then a couple months later covid, long covid, covid again in january, and now that im still dealing with random issues (swollen lymph nodes in neck, weird throat pain) i went back to doc and my mono igg and igm were both positive. nothing acute but cant seem to get back to normal. and am turning 25 this year. what a nightmare. has anything helped you in general?

  8. time, lots of vitamins. i'm about 7-8 months, i feel very good compared to a few months ago, i have no current or ongoing symptoms of mono, just this general weird tiredness feeling. good days and bad days.

  9. damn. i will say the main reason im more sure it was long covid is bc my primary complaint was issues with heart rate- while ive had mild fatigue/brain fog/throat nonsense that i contribute to mono, my heart rate has been very impacted. it shoots up whenever i work out, eat, or toke. there was a while where i couldnt play videogames bc the adrenaline was making it spike. its probably post viral stuff in general from both; i also tested positive for CMV. gonna try and see an infectious disease expert.

  10. i wouldnt really worry about getting a negative test, when i had covid in jan i was told by both a nurse and doctor separately that even if your rapid is positive, as long as you havent had a fever and have quarantined for 10 days, you shouldn't be contagious

  11. this happened to me. a nurse and a doctor separately both said that as long as I’d finished isolation and symptoms had stopped, I wad ok even if the rapid was positive. However that was back with the 10 day quarantine, so to be safe you may just wanna wait a few more days.

  12. similar, rock climbing scavenger. (that guy who trades diamonds for rushrooms would be my bff)

  13. What you dont know is he's getting a lot more out of those mushrooms than you can imagine;)

  14. i guess i should add “dealer” to my resume. theres a 100% chance id grow weed at my hyrule cabin.

  15. right bc if i had weed and was trying to convince someone it wasnt weed the first thing id do is invite them to sniff

  16. WHAT IF, and hear me out, OP is the one who cheated?

  17. lol no. generally it is always good to get tested for STIs regularly. you never know.

  18. trying to find more info on glen canyon pre-flooding, both natural life and as a native american site... any resources? is it foul for other reasons (mussels)?

  19. i went to gelsons instead of jons yesterday, and instead of paying $22, I paid $62 for a basket of normal things.

  20. this is why we stan sprouts

  21. The ones i dont like are the advocate,backstabber,legal eagle, conveyance,and shyster. The rest are good if not a little too toony. They completely threw the mid century modern style out the window. The other thing that I didn't like is the new LBHQ courtyard as it looks very unfinished and small. They made everything literal boxes with like no texture. The interiors are nice though especially the CLO chamber. Overall Clash does a lot of things strangely like the sos cards but also does some really good big things like the core progression changes. The upcoming update looks very promising. I just wish they would fix some of the older stuff they did during altis like level design stuff and added a proper tutorial sequence.

  22. honestly i mostly played toontown on a friends account when i was young so i barely remember much of a difference outside of the locations which seem mostly the same (minus the disney IP)

  23. The new designs take a bit of getting used to, but for the most part I prefer them to the originals (the bloodsucker and the ambulance chaser definitely look worse).

  24. yeah a little more variety would have been good. but they just struck such a great balance between cool/scary and still fitting in the toon world. and just a really effective use of shapes and contour in character design. they were all very sharp with hard edges, verus the new ones which are waaaay more rounded.

  25. The vaccines work. Stop spreading vaccine hesitancy by suggesting that they won't protect you.

  26. ...huh? i know the vaccines work. that's why mandates are in place. i support it.

  27. If you believe the vaccines work, then you should know that an unvaxxed person is not a threat to you. It is also extremely unlikely that a child would suffer covid complications.

  28. "either it works or it doesnt" come on now. that's not correct. from the beginning the rates were about 60% for J&J, 90% for others. and higher at preventing death and long-term injury. but not 100%. saying a vaccine works in this case doesn't mean you are invincible, it means you have added significant protection from the disease.

  29. Oh nice! i think most people just upload to imgur so you can link it. or just create a new post. if you'd be willing to do that it'd be much appreciated! lmk :-)

  30. so i don't need an exact pattern for this at all- just looking for a good beginner pattern that'll capture this iconic fit and flare look. doesn't need to have the shoulder strappies either, i want to do a couple different takes of those to see what looks best (they draw it differently at different times). im thinking the bottom could effectively be a circle skirt or something? idk, not picky! i care more about it looking cute and capturing the "essence" of the look than i do about it being the exact length and cut.

  31. wont someone please think of the poor metal hunks depicting dead racist white men?!?!!!?!

  32. when bought in bulk by an organization, the cost of each is so insanely cheap that yeah they can afford it. im guessing they wont have the fanciest nicest products, so its not like everyone will just stock up, but instead itll end up helping people who really need it.

  33. looks good mate. i love the shade of pink, the bluish grey, and the tan bg.

  34. Pretty much. The ending fight in 3.0+1.0 had billions of MP evas and you already knew Asuka and Mari would have no hard time. It was boring and the only interesting part was when Asuka turned into an angel but even that was cut short and wasted.

  35. oh yeah. eoe every single hit had so much weight to it. and the asuka vs eva series is an unbelievably epic sequence. watching asuka go from mental rock bottom getting bombed underneath a lake, to snapping and making one last enormous push, fighting all these horrific monsters in the most epic way possible, only to suddenly be struck down by a lance which she almost stopped at the last second, then the fucked evas come back to horrifically destroy her eva… what a fucking insanely awesome scene, its beyond perfect.

  36. Exactly. Damn that was such a good fight. It's really weird, and I'm not trying to shit on everyone who liked the rebuilds, but the people defending the fight scenes in the rebuilds are stretching so hard it's kind of embarrassing.

  37. ugh this!!! i said on youtube that the new giant rei head looked like garbage. ppl were like “its just meta! you dont get it” and im like “i get that its meta. i dont think it works. also, why? whats the point of all the meta/cgi? its not like its a new concept- original ending did this with the whole hand drawn slice of life sequence. only difference is here it looks so much worse and feels pointless bc its less connected to the characters and is just meta of the worlds. have yet to get a good answer!

  38. the fact that they picked this fit after all that... stuff... w her and mari.... h

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