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  1. The app Insight Timer is invaluable, and free. Get it.

  2. I just saw a YT vid about Verizon 5G home internet, and the maker of the vid indicated the “intro” rate was only 2 years also.

  3. I work from home (but I didn’t tell them that) upload files pretty often (sizes range from a few megs to few hundred), use the built in router, and have not seen what you described. Usually I’m the only person online when I’m working. I’ll test the this with streaming on and another device.

  4. Yes, I have, fun stuff. I did all the signs for SuperCuts, Fantastic Sams, and more.

  5. Tell me, what was the fun challenging work? For super cuts, I'm looking at super cuts on

  6. I've been in the sign business for over 30 years, I'm an Adobe nut Photoshop or Illustrator, I'd love to do art remotely, vector or print.

  7. You ever get to do stuff like in the link above?

  8. Never freeze them! I learned that the hard way.

  9. I'm aware of what he did, but the damage I'm doing to anyone is zero when I use the font, so, I use it when needed. It's strange people feel otherwise.

  10. I am new to T-mobile service and had this issue on my laptop. I have my own mesh WiFi system in the house, and the modem from Tmobile has its own ad well.

  11. I’m still seeing slow loads after switching to cloud flair, so think I’ll factory reset today and see how it goes for a week. I’ll probably get the router I linked to above sooner than later.

  12. TMO in general prefers Cloudfare (sic) DNS and it is hard coded in the can. In my external router I use Google DNS and have none of these issues.

  13. I can't see any difference between the two pics, I opened them up in pshop and put on separate layers, and other than some slight differences in the edges, they were identical.

  14. Well thanks, i’m glad to know it isn’t super noticeable then!

  15. I’ll sometimes see weirdness when I use the straight line, right at the end. You might look at brush settings and see if you can fix it more to your liking.

  16. I’m embarrassed to say I failed. It’s easy to blame the people who said they’d help with research and didn’t, or the UX pros who said they’d help, but got busy and didn’t. Or the people who did help, but were not able to provide me with useful information. BUT, I wasn’t asking questions correctly, or being persistent enough or whatever. I wanted to stick w/ it, shit’s hard sometimes and you gotta work through it.

  17. This is better than if you said you finished. Why? Because it’s reality for most people. Finishing a long term project is one of the hardest things to do. Don’t be too hard on yourself. We all get second, third, and fourth chances to pursue this things we are interested. Sometimes half way through it’s not what we expected or the vibe is off. Thanks for the update and don’t give up looking.

  18. Thanks for saying that, and checking in. I certainly can be hard on myself, lotta harsh self-crit. TBH, I'm really not sure how much it's for me. I've considered pursuing motion-graphics (via 1 of school of motion), but shit, it's a steep hill to get to pro-level, or close as to it as I'd want, and then you gotta go hustle for work. I've considered learning AWS, even started some free lessons, AWS appeals to me for the financial rewards, but it's hard AF I'm sure, to get to the level of even high 5-figures (I have a family member who's making solid 6 figures). There's a dude on YT who preaches about coding, even for / most certainly for "old" dudes like me, he has a for pay course. But man, I've tried the learning HTML CSS thing before, and it's just not stuck long, and I really just went though the steps to get it done, and the cert. emailed to me.

  19. These articles always ignore the most glaring issue, which is Facebook is intentionally designed to be a trap.

  20. You have a very very fucked up view of people in their 50s. Wow. It's laughable, were it not so sad.

  21. I borrowed a friend's trashcan for a week and that's why I signed up w/ this service.

  22. I have a 50 page document and I am trying to rearrange pages, but I can only see 6 pages at one time. So I can only move one page 6 steps at a time, and quickly lose where I put it since I can't see any details. I am more worried that I mess up the order but not seeing it.

  23. There is color coding (right click, page attributes, color label0, but maybe make the thumbs smaller to see more at a time?

  24. That was something I was thinking about also. But right off the top of my head (I am not at my computer), isn't it only the master pages that you can add the different color labels to? Not to the individual pages randomly? Still, even adding a color label to different sets of the master pages might help in the long set of the actual pages in various ways. It might at least eliminste some of the confusion.

  25. Nope, you can apply to ind pages or master pages (I had to go look to be sure). I dont use this feature much, but I should have when I did a 100 page book recently. I use color labels in the Finder on my Mac all the time.

  26. I just tried the SIM card thing, and still no 2nd signal. It took a half hour phone call w/ TS to fix that. I've had speedtest speeds of 430 down to like 10 down. I'm mostly happy, but some pages won't load until I go to say, Google, then I can go back and the page will load (like FB or YT).

  27. First week in. What a long, strange trip you’re in for!

  28. Thanks for the message. Sorry - I meant first week after the new year :)

  29. I'm in a similar time frame of being a designer. Sometimes I'm the calm rock. Sometimes I'm the immature asshole making smart-ass comments and making my wife crazy.

  30. I'm about your age, and I can still get pissy about edits. You're correct i the way to handle it.

  31. Maybe we should start a slack for lonely designers or work from homers

  32. Good idea. When I was in-house, I got sick of my co-workers, l liked them, just didn’t wanna be around them so much. I was unemployed and looking for all of 2020, then late in the year, my self employment work took off. One of the gigs I had was with a bunch of designers all over the country, and we were connected via slack and it was pretty awesome. I really missed shop talk with my design tribe.

  33. Woah, could you please elaborate on the project in which you worked with designers from all over? I’d love to land a job like that!

  34. It was a cool gig, in some ways. Shitty sweat-shop gig in other ways. It was a political direct mail shop in Wash DC, I lucked up by emailing the right person on a Friday afternoon, I saw their job post somewhere.

  35. It's for a magazine so there's no spine. It's going to be sent to a print shop I'm assuming. Not sure what KDP is.

  36. A saddle stitched mag has no spine, a perfect bound one does.

  37. I don't want to post an original high res version as it can be stolen and used elsewhere..

  38. What's the filter? Your tag at the top?

  39. go to whoevers cheapest. it not like programming the fob takes skill. its either programmed or its not

  40. That’s what I thought, but a mechanic guy recommended another locksmith shop, saying they did a better job than others, I’m wondering how TF that can be.

  41. what are the benefits for hospice? medicare-paid? Do they provide aides to come and give coverage, help clean her and change her clothes, rotate her in bed? we’re trying for decide whether to go with hospice or to do the medicaid home-care waiver which requires a lot of legal work for her assets

  42. You'll want to talk to some one in in the industry, but 100% Medicare paid. The person needs a qualifying diagnosis, that they won't recover from. My mom has several. Hospice will pay for a 24 hour on call nurse, her diapers, pain meds, additional meds as needed if she's uncomfortable w/ whatever the problem is, frequent in-home NP care, hospital bed, and more I'm forgetting. If the person gets better, cool, they go off hospice. There s home health care, like wound care, meds help, maybe bathing? There's a 6-month timeline, like they assume the person will not be around, and I"m not sure what happens if they exceed it.

  43. we took grandma to her GP today; Dr agreed to refer to palliative care for hospice. Grandma has dementia and after breaking her hip, now has bed sores, along with total incontinence, chronic UTIs, etc. And we can’t lift her.

  44. That sounds like she’s close and will get lots of help?

  45. I DMd T-Mobile Help on Twitter and they told me exactly where my nearest tower was located

  46. Cool. I think I know, but will try that. TY!

  47. I forgot about that one, I'm going to go on a walk today and see if I can locate a 5G tower using that site. Thanks!

  48. Me too, this and Object Styles can make a powerful combo for price blocks in a circular. Include an inset and auto sizing as well.

  49. Yeah, I need to be better about obj styles, recently found it can do much more than I thought, like adding drop shadows.

  50. Yeah, one of other the tabs in that box. Object styles can also apply paragraph styles and even next style chains. So you can completely style a info box or price block with one click.

  51. THAT's a great idea. I and 100% "do what I need to and hit ok" while missing possible cool features. Someone here created a paragraph[h style that had rounded corners, stroked, filled, with a tab at top, it was like a recipe, with the name at top and directions below, and it blew my mind. I DL-ed it thinking I'd look all though it to learn, but never did.

  52. I'm so sorry, it's really hard. Especially with very stubborn and independent elderly folks. I guess we can feel lucky that wife's mom's health is not terrible. She's still putting away that boxed wine :/ I'm glad it sounds like your mom is lucid enough to have a discussion about things and figure out what's next.

  53. My mom is lucid, but plays games: to my wife it’s “why won’t my son visit meeee?” To me, after starting a thing of a home cleaning service 1-2x a week, a NP 1-2x a month, and me 2-3x a week, she says, “i don’t want people coming all the time to my apartment, telling me what to do!” Or, weirdly, she complains about what XY or Z costs, but literally buys 5 cans of tuna, week after week, to “gave enough” or about 15 packs of cream cheese. Or a half gallon of salsa, the cheese and salsa were old and i tossed them. Or she’ll put dairy or half used spaghetti sauce in a cabinet, not the fridge. That‘s crazy or something.

  54. Oh heaven alone can help anyone who throws anything away! Didn't we know that empty orange juice bottle was being saved? Same with the aluminum tray that could be used to bake something if all the baking pans and cookie sheets mysteriously disappeared? Suggestions of the cleaner coming are one way to get a surefire shitfit but the other is just recycling the wrong empty containers. :/

  55. LOL. I suspect my mom may want to go back to her apartment soon. Five of us have spent probably 30 hours collectively cleaning, trashing, rearranging shit and I know full well, she's gonna complain. Not 1 ounce of gratitude.

  56. My last full time gig was in-house for 8 years, and it was a mixture of highs and lows. My boss was a few years younger than me, so we had similar references. She was great at marketing things (plans, ideas, slogans, cross-promotions) and knew she was not a designer. I'm not good at the marketing ideas, but am a (mostly) good designer. That was a great relationship. A low time: Getting micro-managed by an idiot HR woman, "do this, do that, make that bigger" At one point she sighed, "I always wanted to be a designer," I say: "Me too, I went to school to study it"

  57. I got sick of randomly losing connectivity so I wrote this script to monitor the gateway and automatically reboot it if it either connects to an undesirable band like B12 or shows connectivity problems like ping failures:

  58. Is this script so easy a simple graphic designer on a Mac could do it?

  59. You have a legitimate concern and your post is still downvoted past negative so you can’t even see the score lol. 🤦‍♂️ imagine that.

  60. It's weird, I never know if something I post is downvoted, I just don't look and a not much into Reddit culture. I've had 1-2 maybe 3 posts get like 100 vote or maybe 50, and I was like, "cool". Make me wonder if my last question here was down voted. Maybe I'll look...

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