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  1. It's all but done now. They are just crossing their i's and dotting their t's. The Big XII has already basically announced it's coming after this season

  2. The sooner they can leave, the better. No need to be a lame duck for longer than what's necessary.

  3. Temple clapping USF's cheeks, leading my Bulls to fire head coach Jeff Scott

  4. With no Big 12 members considered and nobody running spring sessions yet, I'll wait until Phil Steele releases his magazine to see who has the easiest schedules among the CFP contenders.

  5. NC State already pushed its visit to USF back to 2029, maybe to give the Wolfpack more time to pay the Bulls $500K to bail on that game.

  6. Well fuck you too, Jim. Old bitch-ass

  7. My USF Bulls have 2 future home games against ACC members (NC State and Miami [Fla.]), so my guys could be affected by this. Jim is, in the words of Horace Grant, a straight-up bitch.

  8. I have a hunch that it would look good either way. It sure looks pretty as is.

  9. I wonder if they were expecting Chernobyl-level heat for that.

  10. You sure know how to take advantage of your alone time!

  11. That's the last thing you see before the fire comes out.

  12. A couple of my relatives had dogs like that. I was more than happy to pet them, though!

  13. The AP's disrespect of USF is just blatant at this point. How is the same Texas squad that the Bulls beat in Austin ranked a spot ahead of the Bulls?! Can anyone make it make sense?

  14. This is ACC disrespect (except UNC is a fair 11) FSU is a top 20 team and they have the wins to prove it

  15. Florida State's a damn good side. I guess USF isn't the only Floridian team being dissed.

  16. As long as the woman I would be with respects me and is willing to work with me, I can endure a few duds here and there. Sex isn't the be all and end all for me.

  17. Also, he doesn't care about the environment. Business comes before anything else, be in the environment or people.

  18. I know money talks, but the environment can't be one of the things that run a 5K.

  19. The AP needs to give us the same treatment if we keep winning.

  20. Eddie House probably threw something at his TV toward the end of the game!

  21. Shaq did that in NJ, the same night Nick Anderson had 50 points.

  22. I remember watching that incident on my Magic Television Network affiliate in the Tampa Bay Area, which was WTMV (now WMOR-TV). I thought Shaq and the late Dwayne Schintzius were gonna be flattened for a moment.

  23. If it's a hookup app, I haven't noticed because so many of the women I see there claim they're not looking for hookups. Most times I go there, it's to interact with streamers.

  24. I've never heard of such a stunt. She should be ashamed of herself.

  25. To say that it's suitable would be an understatement!

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