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  1. I do see something there but it may be an indent line. By 13DPO the line should probably be more noticeable (unless you ovulated later than you think).

  2. Thank you! AF came this evening. So there is always next month🤞🏻

  3. We had our baby boy! Deep in the shit now (last night was first night home from hospital and it was a DOOZY, whoever thought up making the person who delivers the baby also the one with the appendages for feeding the baby was a total dick, and latching is the devil incarnate) but sharing my birth story cos I always appreciated reading others on here.

  4. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing your story. I hope the crab walk improves soon 🤞🏼

  5. I found your post because I’m having the same symptoms. I’m 5w today and have been feeling that pinchy/sharp cramp feeling mostly in one spot, like mid-to right side of my uterus. Also had some very light brown spotting last week. Did everything turn out okay for you?

  6. I’m now 25 weeks and baby’s been good on all scans! I had a subchorionic hematoma which was causing the spotting. It grew until about 18 weeks and then resolved around 20 weeks. The pinch feeling is apparently round ligament pain just the uterus stretching 😊.

  7. That’s amazing news, thanks for responding so quickly to me!! It definitely puts me at ease :)

  8. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead with Christina Applegate(Kelly Bundy). Kids parents leave them for a week, with a geriatric babysitter, who ends up passing away & the kids lie to every adult they come across about it, with Christina getting a job in the Fashion Industry (by lying) to help take care of her siblings. It's very funny & campy

  9. My last ER we got 4 mature eggs and ended up with 3 blasts. Currently 4w5d pregnant with a euploid from that round. Fingers crossed for you!

  10. Cautiously optimistic introduction here! FTM after 2 rounds of IVF and 1 failed embryo transfer in November. Beta on 8dp5dt (13DPO) was 86, second beta today at 10dp5dt (15dpo) was 263. Praying this one sticks for the long haul. Next appointment will be 2 weeks from now for my week 6 ultrasound 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  11. Shine a flashlight behind it. That’s how I could tell my vvvvfl’s were real and not indents. You’ll be able to see the pink slightly

  12. Your five and seven day tests are what you want to look at and there's definitely progression with those lines! It could be lighter on day 7 because of a number of things. I think your progression looks good!

  13. Thanks for your comment. What do you think can cause variation from day to day without it being a chemical?

  14. My doctor said caffeine in moderation is ok before and after transfer. I drink my giant cup of earl grey every day but that’s it

  15. My fertility acupuncturist suggested I stick with warm, easily digestible foods in the beginning. I had lots of soup and oatmeal in the beginning. She said to stay away from very cold foods like smoothies and cold salads, as that takes more energy for your body to digest, which can divert energy away from the embryo. Also FWIW, the transfer where I had McDonald’s French fries after failed. I’m sure that’s not the reason though. The transfer just had last week after all the warm foods has stuck so far 🙏🏼

  16. Yay, was hoping for an update from you! Definitely positive!!

  17. Yay!!! So happy. It’s been such a long road to get here 🙏🏼

  18. I see the line!! I think it looks pink, does it look pink in person?!

  19. Thank you for looking! I see it too, just hope it’s not the dreaded indent line

  20. I see it but not sure if it’s an indent line or not

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