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  1. I picked up the sigma 105 when I moved to the Sony a7iv. My thought was, I do some portraits in addition to occasional macro, I will want an 85 1.4, why get an 85 and a 90. So far I love the 105, I haven't noticed a scenario where an extra 2 stops of shutter would make or break a photo. The iso and Ibis performance is plenty for me.

  2. I’m thinking I’ll rent a 105 to test out for a few days to see what I think of it. I do macro and would like to do portraits with this lens, as I feel the 105 focal length would be nice for those :)

  3. as you have access to a 90mm, why don't you try using it at minimum focusing distance with the OSS enabled and disabled, to check if you notice the difference.

  4. That’s a good idea, I hadn’t even thought about that. I do most of my stuff handheld, so I might end up needing that OSS. I’m also considering renting a 105 so I can see how it performs and if it’s right for me

  5. Wait, in the second picture it looks so small? I wish there was a banana for scale

  6. Looks like it. Next chance we get, might wander up that way. Also, happy cake day!

  7. Absolutely! There were tiny gnome statues inside but I didn’t get photos of them unfortunately

  8. There’s a sign with directions that refer to it as the Fairy House

  9. These looks are absolutely GORGEOUS!

  10. I wish it were closer to my home, but a couple hours isn't so bad :)

  11. I wanted this scene to look very dreamy and serene. Taken with an a7iii and 85mm, then edited using my own custom presets in lightroom.

  12. My sister is always down for a shoot, and always entertains any ideas I've got. This time, we wanted a kind of angelic/goddessy vibe. The tiny flowers in her hair were a last minute decision after finding a bunch of tiny flowers in the location we were at, and I love the look of them personally.

  13. This is overall an awesome shoot! You both did a great job!

  14. This particular photo gives me such Arwen/LotR vibes!

  15. Does anyone have experience with the Lowepro ProTactic BP 300 AW II? It's less massive than the 400, and I'm wanting something smaller/more compact that can still hold my gear. Will be carrying an a7iii + battery grip and currently 3 lenses (24mm 1.8, 55mm 1.8, and 85mm 1.4), dual battery charger and SD card case, as well as my 15" laptop from time to time.

  16. This is Kiki, and she's a little angel. I caught her basking in some colored lights her owners put up and I knew I had to grab a photo

  17. I like the shallow depth, her pose, and I love that cat in general, so I just really like taking photos of her

  18. Imo the shot looks good, but the cat isn’t in great focus, you should’ve shot it at a bigger f number (2.8 or 3.2 maybe) to get her whole face in focus, now there’s only one eye in focus.

  19. Thanks so much! I'll definitely give that a try and see how it does :)

  20. I do nature, portraits, concerts, and weddings.

  21. Is it only me or does the out-of-focus area (bokeh) look like a circular motion? I noticed this a lot the last few months and I was thinking that this is only a thing with medium format cameras. OP: did you add some motion blur or is this a special look of Samyang lenses?

  22. This lens just seems to have a bit of swirl to the bokeh, I've noticed it too

  23. Is that chromatic aberration on her left leg? I also get that on my 35 mm 1.8. Great pic btw

  24. There is some near her dress and tattoo, yes. Thank you, I appreciate that :)

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