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  1. I'm a retired medic and RN. 37 years on the truck. I've done lots of peds codes. You did well, considering the deck was not stacked in your favor. If I were your chief, I'd consider awarding you a medal of valor or something else. While surrounded by idiots who were useless team members, you kept your cool and followed protocol the best you could.

  2. Nurse here. Looks like an uncircumcised old man's penis with testicles.

  3. Circulation finds... especially when people spend silver dollars at face value.

  4. I was a medic for 37 years. I'm also an RN. I was a supervisor at the local nursing home and worked every weekend and had the weekdays off. During the weekdays, I worked as a medic. I would do everything possible for a sick resident before caving in and calling EMS. The local EMS department quickly learned that if I called for them, it was only for an "oh shit" situation.

  5. Not the engraver's initials. It's a stylized "GR," which stands for Gilroy Roberts. He's the guy who designed the front of the coin.

  6. I wouldn't even consider buying that stuff... no matter what the price is.

  7. Heads up for y'all. Walmart sells Suave-brand hand sanitizer in 8-ounce bottles for about $2.39. No perfume or other odor, other than smelling like alcohol, which disappears once the stuff is dry.

  8. I swear that Tina on "Bob's Burgers" is autistic.

  9. I don't ever say "bless you." Why? Because I HATE people saying it to me when I sneeze. It forces me into their conversation and forces me to say, "Thank you." Sneezing, coughing, farting, and whatever else is normal mammalian stuff. It doesn't require an intervention by someone else.

  10. There is only one reason the USA hasn't lifted the sanctions against Cuba: The original Cuban refugees and their descendants who live in Florida and maintain their hatred of Cuba. They refuse to let bygones be bygones.

  11. Please don't dwell on this and let it ruin your day/week/month/year/life. You're obviously a competent nurse if you were assigned a critical patient and kept him alive. Fuck that ICU nurse. Just be glad you were able to hand off the patient and savor the fact that he/she was off your hands. You were right to come here for valuation and consultation instead of holding it all in.

  12. Fuck the whiteboards and the picky people who think they're a priority.

  13. Nursing schools are much more strict about tattoos and piercings than hospitals and other employers.

  14. I worked on the trucks for 37 years and am retired now. I've seen a lot of shit. I've been retired since 2015. The bad things fade over time, thankfully. Keep talking to counselors and friends... it's the right thing to do. If you don't, you'll end up fucked in the head.

  15. I fell out an ambulance in 1988 and broke my left ankle. I continued working the call... a cardiac arrest. Got to the hospital and helped the ER staff to work and finish the code. Doctor noticed my badly swollen ankle and took me in the next ER room and treated me. Ended up in a cast. Even with the cast, I still continued to work.

  16. I do all the time. I get stuck on which word to say halfway through a sentence. It's usually because I've thought of four or five different words to say that mean the same thing... you know... synonyms. I stop midsentence to decide which next word to use.

  17. I'm amazed at how many nurses are married to clergy and cops.

  18. If I catch them smoking in the bathroom, I go from a sweet, caring person to an absolute motherfucker.

  19. I got good at it. Just explain all of the options in a neutral, unemotional tone of voice. Don't be afraid to explain the details as a matter of fact. Answer their questions the best you can.

  20. I love the IT folks. They save us all the time.

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