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  1. Their team defense was incredible. The rotations, close outs and their help defense was just perfect the whole game

  2. If you have to trade 0DTEs with a stop loss you're trading too big

  3. DTE’s are based on how Theta decays the most when thus far out (Im sure you know this, it’s just a matter of whether or not it’s a misconception). 70% POP just adds confidence to the trade for me. But if that’s a false sense of security then pls lmk. Only issue with 70% POP rn is how volatile the market has been recently?

  4. Ah yes. Complete brain fart on Vol equaling volatility smh. I get the POP from options profit calculator, although I’m sure that’s the same exact thing.

  5. Sell vol premium to the upside = sell calls or call spreads

  6. This comment is just a predicting the future for cowards who aren’t confident enough to assert themselves

  7. Imagine depending on a country with an Orwellian tyrannical government for a large portion of your supply chains

  8. That puts Russia the EU the US India China and Iran in one bag.


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