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  1. Nova Launcher 8, can't go back to having a useless At A Glance widget and that search bar.

  2. What do you use instead of the At A Glance widget? I use Nova and haven't found a good replacement.

  3. I haven't seen nor do i intend to. If the trailers are anything to go by, the show seems as enticing as watching two tortoises mate.

  4. The data for Nigeria looks rather suspect, as a Nigerian I have a firsthand experience of just how much we worship other races.

  5. This could work but not if they intend to ask for the typical store split. Something like 5-10% would attract the likes of Netflix, HBO, Peacock, Disney

  6. Yeah and she isn't just an actor of the show. Her production company bought the rights for the book so she definitely has more at stake. Whether it's money or critical acclaim she's after, I dunno. Probably a bit of both.

  7. I'm not sure if this is a hot take but I will say, Cena is a better overall actor than The Rock.

  8. Like how David Batista is a better actor than the Rock playing Henchman #1 or Henchman #38?

  9. 4GB isn't just fine, you actually need 8GB as a bare minimum.

  10. I'd prefer to just have the battery percentage l, no icons just the percentage

  11. Is your Wi-Fi a shared one or is it just for your apartment? if it is the former, you should consider getting a Wi-Fi travel router and setting up your own SSID.

  12. Who the hell is asking for these biopics to be made?

  13. Tussaud’s life story is interesting af. She started as an apprentice making wax heads of executed prisoners and during the French Revolution had to make a head of her own friend. It’s crazy.

  14. I don't know but this sounds boring AF to me.

  15. The show felt empty to me, it was a thin idea stretched too far.

  16. Better believe it. Also if you didn't know, people charge it specifically at 80% because above that (80%-100%) it takes much more energy and produce a lot more heat, which degrades the battery more than charging from 30%-80%.

  17. can't believe i actually have to do this, but here i am.

  18. yeah the dividends and buybacks are a good ratio. Amazon's expenses are scary.

  19. As should be, There business is basically delivering other people's products, receiving payment for those products, taking a slice of those payments and then remitting the rest.

  20. The Nokia 808 used in this test wasn't a Windows phone, the Nokia 808 ran SymbianOS S60v5.

  21. I honestly want to see it especially since it's a streaming only release.

  22. Smaller phones have smaller screens, so they use less energy.

  23. Yes but manufacturers tend to negate those savings by placing a smaller battery in the device. Take a Galaxy S22 and the Zenfone 9 which have similar dimensions although the Zenfone is slightly thicker, but Samsung put in a 3700mAh battery while Asus chose to go with a 4300mAh.

  24. My point is that smaller screen and smaller battery usually balance out, and you can get similar battery life.

  25. Totally agree with you. I made the switch from OneUI to Pixel, and so many of Samsung UI choices just makes a lot more sense than stock android.

  26. I'm interested in the Jabra, Any chance you'd be selling that on its own ?

  27. is thor not a copyrightable name?

  28. Would have prefer an open source clone of

  29. Seems like you just need to limit yourself to just the apps you mentioned here on your smartphone.

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