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  1. I had a neighbour once that would argue with his Mrs then she'd storm off out and he'd blast his stereo with westlife and boyzone love songs.

  2. And sadly some arse will add this to their portfolio, rip it apart and probably turn it into tiny studio apartments....sigh

  3. This is it drying clothes is all about the ambient humidity

  4. The last part where the guy is acting shocked in front of the news article is so fucking cringe

  5. It's just sad, also if they're there at the start I skip that shit

  6. Poison her just enough so she has to go to hospital. Also turn off the leccy to that room and bolt the bathroom door shut

  7. I've noticed this so now I look like some sort of freak working out cost per ML on deodorant in the supermarket.

  8. Helpfully a lot of items in the supermarkets display a £ per 100ml/100g, by using that you see that some deals are not infact that

  9. They do but the units are not even consistent across the same products and don't include deals.

  10. That can be the case, we tend to buy in bulk so it helps.

  11. Unfortunately for some our pushchair had a metal stud that would accidentally scratch the car... Sorry about that you inconsiderate prick

  12. Tell them for sure, cheaters are the most disrespectful type of human. I had to tell my own mother that my dad was cheating on her. Fuck cheaters and fuck those who knowingly get with someone who is cheating. Tell all the people who know them that they are scum.

  13. "Absolute 90s music from the 90s, not music for those in their 90s... I SAID NOT MUSIC FOR THOSE IN THEIR 90S Although they are welcome to listen"

  14. Just open a window, a light breeze will blow him away

  15. Put a balaclava on and mingle in among them. See how long it takes them to figure it out.

  16. Haha like the ninja/isis episode of South park

  17. Why? If your car is in a well maintained, roadworthy state, you have nothing to worry about.

  18. I forgot to replace a locking nut... Fail

  19. Litter everywhere and the pavement and roads are crumbling away, expect a flat tyre if you plan on driving!

  20. There are race tracks that can be privately rented for a certain amount of time, but some people like to save a couple hundred dollars and express their driving professionalism on active public roads.

  21. Don’t mention the purse…. Don’t mention the purse

  22. As a 14yo I did this to a new volvo, I was on the path and he pulled out of a driveway, I gave him a fake address. 5 min after being home the fecker knocked the door, he'd followed me 3 miles home. How, I'm not sure cus i was off the road across fields.

  23. I like the fantasy scenario’s they create. What about if the power goes out in the whole world and you can’t charge it? Well I wouldn’t have any reason to go to work then would I so who cares?

  24. Same scenario would see the pumps not running

  25. Petition: Ban the Import and Sale of Disposable Vapes

  26. Ive heard they do actually have rechargable rechargeable batteries in because they are cheaper for manufacturers than single use. They just want you to buy another vape instead of actually giving you the option of recharging.

  27. My partner had one as a spare, I took it apart today and I charged the battery and filled the tank!

  28. There are rules, but they’re widely ignored. I’m talking about the need for a dedicated collection bin. Although I doubt they’d be used unfortunately.

  29. I just got one of my mrs old ones took it apart charged the battery and added juice. Probably get another 2 runs before the cotton burns up thus saving about a tenner!

  30. Vape shop in Nuneaton has a disposal bin

  31. Our local hospital has free parking for three hours then a fairly nominal amount after that, and if you know you will have to stay longer than the three hours you give your name in at reception and your car can remain foc for as long as you need, basically.

  32. My sister and I were both key workers. It felt weird going to work as normal while the rest of the world basically shut down and seemed to relax a bit more.

  33. It's all a scam by big-tarmac! /s They lay shit roads and then get the next contract to repair or replace it once said shit road fucks up!

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