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  1. As a MI fan, the below image is completely true. I hope Ambani paid enough this year to men in cyan

  2. LMAO I totally agree and i don’t mind as long as we are winning. Let the losers cry 😭

  3. Now every time I gift flowers to someone I will remember this line and laugh on my own 😅

  4. Someone stole it from 😅. My nephew is diehard Kohli fan so obviously a RCB fan. I have been saying this to him since last 4/5 years that you guys should change your name to HaRCB just to pull his leg

  5. Which is why added the word enforcement. We have rules for most things, but no enforcement. Rules are of no use if there's nobody to enforce it.

  6. ST said something about 40 over format for ODI because it’s getting too predictable and boring. These guys took it way too seriously 🤣

  7. These brands don’t have outlet stores. I guess Zara has but I am very sure others don’t because they are not the expensive brands. I know one shopping place which is outside Barcelona. It’s called La Roca Village but even they don’t have these brands

  8. This is low. Homie mad over a few euros after spending holiday abroad. This isn't even frugal this is sad.

  9. Just saying they charge so much it’s not point standing in line and doing all this for few bucks. Also my amount was way bigger than this but I chose not to show off. Instead of understanding my point you guys are saying who takes a refund for 2€ 🤪

  10. Why can’t a person value 2 euros? It’s not a lot of money but I would rather have it than waste. Your comment brings no value whatsoever.

  11. People won’t value unless they have worked hard for it. Go to third world countries you can buy a whole meal for €2 but these fuckers won’t know about it.

  12. Hilarious 🤣 she could have a calculator instead of a remote 😂

  13. After buying the team RCB. What’s the first thing they buy? A-Players B-Kit Bag C-Calculator 😭

  14. Now at 10:30 in the morning I am thinking does my Bhel have tomatoes in it. Good job OP 😆

  15. Barcelona! Sure you cannot buy a decent property for the amount you are looking for but I just love the city. Ok so I am from a big city so I cannot stay in places like Seville and other small towns or cities. Madrid is nice but it’s like any other big city like New York, London or Tokyo.

  16. If someone says men and women are not same than show them team RCB 😂🤣 #equality

  17. Op what indicators do you use and I am guessing you only do buying and not selling?

  18. What can you say about Chad Gambhir. He’s the best at shit saying 😅

  19. Only player I feel who could beat Djokovic on hard court. Grass I don’t think anyone can. Clay maybe be a couple.

  20. I was lmao but back of my mind I was like damm that’s a huge weapon of destruction

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