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[Charania] Phoenix Suns and Mercury owner Robert Sarver announces that he has started the process to sell both franchises.

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[Kyrie Irving] If I can work and be unvaccinated, then all of my brothers and sisters who are also unvaccinated should be able to do the same, without being discriminated against, vilified, or fired. ♾🤞🏾 This enforced Vaccine/Pandemic is one the biggest violations of HUMAN RIGHTS in history.

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  1. I imagine he gets cut, I think his contract is only partially guaranteed until a certain date when it's fully guaranteed.

  2. No it doesn’t ! In the book, Alicent and Criston have little to no contact at all until after he and Rhaenyra have their falling out. He then switches to Team Green out of spite, knowing that Alicent dislikes Rhaenyra and doesn’t want her on the throne.

  3. My guess is it's either her personal head canon or it's just information the writers/directors gave her to have someone more to work with from an acting standpoint. It's not that uncommon for directors to give insight into an actors thoughts for a scene that the audience doesn't know or isn't actual canon just to help them give a certain performance that they are looking for.

  4. Gas has been skyrocketing again in my area and I assume everywhere. Last month it was almost back to being below $5/gal (SoCal) and now it's almost at $7/gal in some areas. Completely insane.

  5. Can you find any instances of him being decent to someone who isn’t his peer? I am remembering a Lowe Post with an OKC writer who told stories of just how difficult it is to get time with Russ. Then, when you get it, he gives very little effort, making it clear he is only here because he has to be.

  6. I think he generally is just really jaded towards reporters regardless of their intentions. But he's always been really nice with younger fans and from what I've seen when he's visited my place of work he tends to treat people with respect.

  7. Oh okay that’s cool. That matters a lot more than some random thing I heard once. I am happy you have had good experiences with him, and I’ll be rooting for him as much as I can root for a laker :)

  8. I'm always rooting for you guys, love Dame he's my all time favorite none Laker and Roy was too before him. Good luck this year hope to see you guys in the playoffs 👍🏼

  9. This gonna be a yearly thing until OKC is good lol

  10. Isn't he locked up for like 4 more years? Sucks they have waisted him for what looks like 3 seasons but hopefully it's all worth it and they are able to surround him with high level players. Giddy looks really good, Chet is really promising if he can come back healthy, I think Jalen Williams will become a really good player, and of course they can add another potential good young player next draft. Doet should be a really nice role player on a playoff team but besides that I'm not really sure how the rest of the supporting cast will be.

  11. It could very well be that he did try multiple times during his time with the Suns. I haven't seen an abundance of players running to Aytons defense, but almost every other player seems willing to run through a brick wall for Monty. Even during the All-Star game players spoke highly of him. Ayton might just be beyond a point where things can be fixed.

  12. Yea im sure the PEDs let them go absolutely bonkers on corner 3s that series.

  13. They could also cut him loose a year from now for a 7.4 mil cap hit. Because he hit no incentives in his contract 24/25 season is fully unguaranteed and 23/24 is only partially guaranteed.

  14. Yea injury prone + head case just ain't worth it especially when they already replaced him with Wagner and Banchero in the developmental pecking order. Even back in 2019 there were reports of teammates not liking him.

  15. And the Mavs left him wide open and he was consistently killing us. Role players can be inconsistent offensively who would’ve known?

  16. People forget the biggest thing separating a good role player from a near all star level player is consistency. People blame the loss of a series on role players all the time but then give most of the credit to the stars when they win.

  17. Would have been poor wolf otherwise.

  18. I also really like Isaiah Jackson; but I think they move Turner a player I was very high on when he was younger and thought he had star potential but just hasn't gotten much better and has injury concerns.

  19. What's the expectations going into preseason? Will Pacers be starting Hali, Mathurin, and Buddy together with Smith and Turner while Duarte and Jackson are the main bench guys?

  20. …except during fanatasy playoffs when guys like Isiah Roby and Poku turn into second round picks, production wise

  21. Roby and Paku legit knocked me out of the first round this past season

  22. Gilbert is a pretty good owner IMO. Willing to shell out and generally doesn't step on the toes of the front office or try to make basketball decisions. His biggest failing is a rotating cast of GMs. He doesn't even try to retain good GMs

  23. He's not a bad owner in terms of spending and day to day management of the organization but I have heard a lot of people think he's just not a good person. Not sure how true that is, granted it's pretty hard if not straight up impossible to be a multi billionaire and be a good person at the same time.

  24. If Allison and Victor don't stand around like idiots and actually use their powers, Umbrella Academy should win. Between Victor having the power to destroy the moon and Allison having reality altering abilities just by speaking, she should be able to convince them just to kill themselves or pop their heads. But then again since any of them barely use their powers, HL and A-Train should blitz so it could go either way tbh.

  25. Haven't watched Umbrella Academy beyond season 1, Allison can pop heads now?

  26. Ingram needs the ball to be his most effective. If Lebron is healthy it's hard for another ball dominant guy to co-exist with him.

  27. LeBron has played with 3 ball dominant guards in his career. Wade, Kyrie, and Westbrook and he won 3 rings doing so. LeBron is extremely adaptable and has proven to be more than willing to at least give up a little bit of his role to help accommodate his running mate. During Ingram's time with us yes he definitely wasn't ready to succeed next to LeBron but now he definitely could.

  28. In retrospect sending them to an island full of lawyers with plenty of free time and 'fuck you' money might not have been the wisest course of action.

  29. I'm actually curious what he thought the end result would be? Did he simply not care what type of consequences would come because he only cares about the optics his base would take from this? I wouldn't be surprised if many of his voters stopped following this story beyond "DeSantis owns libs, send illegals to Martha Vineyard"

  30. With 3 players I'd be iffy because of the fatigue. But maybe they'd be so dominant they could take 4th quarters off.

  31. Heat are proof you probably need 4. The first year together Wade was definitely still elite, Bosh was easily one of the best 4/5's in the game, and LeBron was LeBron. Their supporting cast was better than 10 G league players as well but they still couldn't beat SSJ2 Dirk + a strong supporting cast.

  32. Lol I'm sure you didn't mean it that way but referring to a dude snapping his ankle in half as a "frustrating injury" is kind of fucked. He had a horrific injury and had to go through some insane rehab, I don't think he cared if fans were upset at the idea of the teams season being ruined.

  33. Legitimately one of the funniest shows of all time. The writers, directors, and actors were all on top of their game and knew exactly what kind of show they were making. The comedic timing is perfect in this show.

  34. Second unit still strong but center position is weak

  35. Outside of matchups against Sixers and Nuggets and Wolves they really don't need to play their centers more than 15-20 minutes a night. They could easily go small on a lot of teams and could even run some wacky lineups like Ingram, O'Neal, Middleton, Wiggins, Gordon which could have a lot of defensive promises and pretty decent shooting. Don't think they would necessarily be favorites vs the very top teams but I think they would have a really decent chance.

  36. So, not actually true. The way the first poll they voted for statehood on had a protest as to how it was worded, so there were quite a few people who elected not to vote. Not all of those who abstained are against statehood.

  37. Why has Congress not acted? Seems like a slam dunk. Outside of maybe racism why would anyone in the current 50 states be opposed to giving PR statehood?

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