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Iran 0 - [1] USA - Christian Pulišić 38'

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  1. Well not all of dc., Just congress is a crime ridden hell hole

  2. No way this would get 10 Republican votes in the Senate.

  3. Put ice or snow around it to make it seem colder than it is.

  4. Do you root for your rivals in league play as well?

  5. League play can have a direct impact on your team. This doesn't apply here. In fact, it's the opposite. The better CONCACAF performs the more WC slots they'll get and the higher our rating will be for seeding. So our CONCACAF rivals doing well actually helps us.

  6. What are the chances we get more than the 4 teams CONCACAF already have in this world cup?

  7. Only 2 teams leaving the world cup without earning a single point. Qatar and canada

  8. Hell of a game tonight and the Pacers were kind enough to miss 2 consecutive free throws resulting in a free Crumbl cookie for me!

  9. They would be alive if Republicans like MTG didn't stoke an insurrection by lying about an election being stolen. Republicans will never take responsibility for anything.

  10. Just use patches like people used to do on their jeans.

  11. That's why all the homes and rentals are unaffordable

  12. What the horse paste didn't work? Shocking.

  13. He just got done watching Peacemaker and thought indiscriminately killing people makes you a good person.

  14. Friend did this in High School burned his arm pretty bad.

  15. He's not a murderer like O.J.'s not a murderer.

  16. It's cool they not Linda from bob's burgers to do the voice of Mario

  17. Sacrificed his nut sack for his country

  18. She sounds insufferable. Imagine working a full time job and having kids. She has it easy. NTA

  19. NTA as a child my parents made us wait until after eating breakfast before opening presents. This get up at 5am shit is just wrong.

  20. If kicking a ball over the goalposts counts as a score then soccer games would be even higher scoring than football games.

  21. So uk chants are directed at the opposing teams fans while u.s. chants are in support of their team

  22. Canned potatoes is super weird to me since potatoes are so easy. I honestly had no idea that was even a thing until reading this post.

  23. Westbrook looking like he just took a chair shot in WWE.

  24. Looking like Mankind in that cage match

  25. Biggest concern is a bonehead play like what happened in the Wales match. We should be sitting on 4 points right now and in the drivers seat.

  26. Why even say "we need to talk"? We're already fucking talking and if now isn't the time then wait until the time is right to bring it up.

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