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Jake Daniels: Blackpool forward becomes UK's first active male professional footballer to come out publicly as gay

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  1. Villa should make a point that they don’t actually care to “win the league” for Liverpool and lose 10-0, its only fair after this whole media circlejerk

  2. It’s kind of sad and hilarious at the same time the ridiculous amounts of money involved just for one player. So now they spent half a billion to keep Mbappe just so they can lose Ligue 1 to Monaco or Lille

  3. wolves have been in tragic form for a while and villa are a tricky team so i dont think its that far fetched

  4. Yeah but they also said the same for Southampton, as if Liverpool was going to smash them 9-0 when in the end they scraped a 2-1 win

  5. The entire team changes every summer yet he still managed to get us in top 4 each time and even the cup final

  6. This would be career suicide from his part

  7. They’ve been brought up in a culture that discriminates against gay people. That’s just how they are through their environment whether you agree with it or not. Obviously in the more developed world where people are more educated there’s thankfully a lot less discrimination. But I don’t get why people are so shocked when someone from a culture that’s against it speaks out against it. Not everyone was brought up the same. You can’t expect to force your views on to the entire world.

  8. And now they play in Western countries where Western values should be respected. If they can’t respect our values and what we stand for, then they are free to play in Qatar or Senegal or wherever suits their “beliefs” best

  9. he is forced to promote something he doesn't believe he should be promoting, he just want to be neutral, what is wrong with that?

  10. He’s literally promoting betting and what not without issue lmfao

  11. Is forcing something onto someone the true way to beat discrimination? I doubt it. We’ve seen how well vaccine mandates go.

  12. Vaccine mandates only went bad for the people who didn’t take them

  13. Am i the only one wanting us to lose everything thks sunday to villa so that it lights a huge fire under the team’s ass to win everything next season?

  14. Not supporting equal rights is being against equal human rights

  15. But they dont believe that it is a right and you cant force them to believe in something aslong as they dont harm anyone

  16. No one is forcing them. We are excercising our own freedom of speech to disagree with their beliefs.

  17. The meltdown of Liverpool fans when a commentator doesn’t have a heart attack inducing orgasm every time a Liverpool player gives a pass lol

  18. Really wonder what Mertens has done to still be getting called up, never shows up in games with the NT

  19. Showing support for homophobes, I’ve seen it all. I don’t give a fuck about the “but his religion tells him so!!!”. His religion also tells him to not do 500 different things that he is doing anyway

  20. Like that time Sambi Lokonga did the same thing and was reprimanded for it. Oh wait

  21. Where I was the first to condemn it as well, so what’s your point

  22. Now we will have to hear the media asslick Liverpool and completely disrespect Gerrard’s Villa until Sunday

  23. Out of curiosity, how far does VAR look back after a goal? Surely no further than the last stoppage of play, but is there a standard which they use

  24. I think they look back until the start of the current phase of play that led to the goal. There was a situation this or last season where there was an offside position before a goal, but since the goal happened in another phase of play, they didn’t count the offside and confirmed the goal.

  25. name a single one that resulted in us gaining points when we shouldn’t have

  26. If turtle man ends up doing a U turn and stays at PSG, the amount of salt from Madrid fans would be immeasurable

  27. Would love it if that happens but doesn’t look like it anymore unfortunately

  28. Seeing the scousers celebrate one minute and then be silent again the next was hilarious

  29. The responses to this tweet are so sad yet unsurprising. I know twitter is a cesspit and there are large cultural differences in our global fan base but still so sad to see

  30. The replies on the tweet are so sad. These pathetic fucks need to touch some grass and start looking at their own problems instead of shitting on others.

  31. From lining up 11 midfielders to lining up 2 midfielders in less than a year

  32. Arsenal’s ’All or Nothing’ to be renamed ‘Nothing’

  33. That’s bold coming from a Spurs fan, at least Arsenal won a FA Cup recently

  34. It looks like the new era in EPL. There’s no top 6 anymore. There’s top 8 with Leicester and Newcastle. Moreover maybe some people can add west ham to that group.

  35. How’s Newcastle too 8 when they’re not even 10th

  36. This is incredibly brave of him and as a gay person myself, such an inspiring thing to see. Also he is still only 17 years old, so the courage it takes to come out so publicly and at the beginning of his career is incredible, I have utmost respect for him.

  37. Death penalty should exist for vermin like him.

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