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  1. Smart students would rewrite in their words then grammar and spell check. I found it is a good tool to find pros and cons on a subject you may find a few you miss.

  2. It’s proving really valuable for my high schoolers to make study guides before they even start a new section of something. “Please give me a study guide/summary of AP US History, Unit 8” reading the outline it provides gives a quick primer and starts the brain asking questions before you start so it sticks better.

  3. I’d say go for it… with the contingency to get out there and speak with people as much as possible.

  4. I probably sound like I belong to some sort of vitamin cult for how often I comment/ say this, but taking D3, K2, and magnesium everyday has had such a profound positive impact on my health. My quality of sleep when I run out of mag is noticeably worse, and I went from getting sick ~4 times a year to less than once a year when I started the D3 & K2. I absolutely believe you that your endo symptoms are helped with magnesium.

  5. Honestly… which ones/brands specifically do you take… those of us who are getting a little older need all the help we can get;)

  6. As a side note, while the whole country may not be a good idea to compare to a European country, like Denmark, it wouldn't be out of the question to have individual states take on some of the philosophies/guiding principles of said countries.

  7. Got invited over to a co-worker-ish's (same business, different departments & offices) to "hang out." She was, like hot-damn gorgeous, like, so much so that the thought that she'd want to be with me didn't even enter my mind. Also I didn't want to overstep & "ruin" any chance I may have had.

  8. As far as we know, it’s the best chance we know to helping society evolve on a slew of metrics. if the purpose of government is to move society forward, it’s the most efficient way to do. There should be no friction to getting at least a basic education. Hence government funded & free.

  9. If you think this is awesome, just wait until you hear about the sequel:

  10. The crazy part is that this is probably a decent approximation of how our brains connect stuff.

  11. I moved everything to Obsidian a year ago. I loved the tool so much. I put everything in there. But for work management (tasks, meeting notes, stakeholder management, project work), I did not manage to find a flow, so I went back to Notion.

  12. Wait… how did the Supernote change things? I got a Remarkable a few years ago and use it a little, but can’t quite seem to get it into the flow of everything…

  13. Yep. There's a host of documented UAPs across the US government's websites. Nimitz is definitely the highest profile. I've read some about unidentified submarine activity as well - same thing, speeds that are unimaginable with today's technology.

  14. Oh god please no. I've lived both India and China. That level of population density makes it absolutely miserable to exist. I don't know when the narrative shifted from worrying about overpopulation to worrying about shrinking population, but we just don't need more people on Earth, even if a shrinking population presents social problems we haven't dealt with before.

  15. It’s like a parallel to the horse manure problem in NYC in the 1910’s (or about that time). It was a huge issue that they just couldn’t deal with, then subways and cars came in, and guess what? Not more manure problem.

  16. The problem with this formulation that "past-discrimination equals present inequity" is that it's utterly baseless. There are tons of counter-examples.

  17. Keep in mind that $22 is for uploading stuff for your reel and such (footage that stays there all the time) You can upload auditions/self tapes for free if you have the AA+

  18. I feel you but I built something like this and want to make a case for both wifi and bluetooth. bluetooth because it is so much nicer not to have to wire your keyboard and mouse, and wifi not because you ever want the internet on this device but because you can use it to back up files to dropbox using rclone so you never lose your hard work

  19. I know this is a way old responses, but what did you build? I’d love to know more!

  20. My given Khmer name is mahp mahp, means fat dude

  21. Um... sorry for that? But still thank you... could it work for a woman, or would that be too derogatory?

  22. I'll just leave this here (VERY NSFW... but funny in a fucked up way)

  23. I'd put it under your name or kind of at the top something like

  24. I’d like to see how many people pay their own service mostly to do exactly that, share it with others (like parents), as a way to help them out.

  25. Alternatively, you can spray tan yourself orange and be president of the United States for 4 years.

  26. From what I can tell, regarding the OP and JBP's writings, this thread is about unjustified violence and unhealthy rage

  27. The original question was why the above pic was posted.

  28. To that was my first response, "they overturned an activist and poorly reasoned precedent that took authority from democratically elected lawmakers on a clearly unresolved major political issue

  29. We have a much worse city population migration issue yet we still have schools in tiny towns(Canada). We’re forced to drive or take a 50 mins bud ride. Heck, my graduating class was 7 kids for elementary.

  30. There's a science museum where I live and there's a game you can play that uses brain waves. Basically it has a ball in the middle of the table that moves based on who has the least amount of brain activity at the time. And you want the ball to move away from you. You put on a head piece and when both players are ready, they touch the two pads on the table with you hands. I'm currently undefeated at a record of 14-0. Idk if I'm dumb or if I just shut everything off but life support lol

  31. My wife and and I want this game… where can we order one?

  32. It's an interesting twist on panspermia, I think. Imagine if in untold eons past, humans took to the stars and found themselves alone. Life desires to spread. They'd take seed bombs, I imagine. They'd seed planets that look like they might be habitable in time. In the fullness of time, this primordial seed would bear the fruit of life, blossoming in its diversity into routes predicted by advanced astro-telemetry and life-sciences. And so humanity sustains itself: eons later, reaching to the stars to find its siblings.

  33. What if the meteor that killed the dinosaurs WASNT A METEOR?! Eh?! Eh?!??

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