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  1. I think we as women often place more importance on things that we perceive that WE would never forget and fail to realize that men and women are inherently different. If he’s not remembering he’s not ‘the bad guy’ despite what modern discourse would have us believe. We often hear from other women ‘well if he TRULY LOVED YOU he’d put in an effort to remember or do x y z’. This is really taking something benign to an extreme. My husband may not remember things I’ve mentioned before but that doesn’t imply malicious intent, he’s just forgetful or I said something to him when his mind was preoccupied with something else (we forget that men aren’t multitaskers like women are). Give him some grace and maybe offer to share a Google calendar or something with him. This is what my husband and I do, we’re so busy now that we have a baby that it’s the easiest way to stay on top of important dates. It requires less mental labor for both of us and prevents either of us from feeling resentful over something that’s likely just a result of forgetfulness.

  2. Great question. I’ll have to see

  3. Have both your parents met / has he met your wali? It’s possible that he’s weighing out other options (talking to someone else) and just waiting it to see whether he wants to marry you, but idk his situation—just my guess based on the context.

  4. Thank you for your reply sis. He has met my wali once, I haven’t met his family

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