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  1. We just need a new Verhoeven and De Palma to emerge out of the haze of superhero movies.

  2. Synopsis: 12-year-old gymnast, Tinja tries desperately to please her mother, a woman obsessed with presenting the image of a perfect family life to the world through her popular blog. Then, one night, Tinja finds a strange egg. She hides it, she keeps it warm. And when it hatches, what emerges is beyond belief.

  3. Between Scream, the Halloween trilogy, the Chucky series, and the Candyman reboot, I think we can safely say we're in the midst of a true Slasher Revival.

  4. Synopsis: At a secluded farmhouse in Texas, a film crew arrives to shoot an adult film. Their hosts, a reclusive elderly couple, take a special interest in their young guests. As night falls the couple’s leering interest turns violent.

  5. I'm just waiting for Mad God to find distribution. Really, really, really want to see it.

  6. Well, there are lots more directors to look forward to – Daniels, Stearns, Abbasi etc.

  7. Absolutely. I don't recognise the name Abbasi but I'm pumped for Everything Everywhere, and Dual looks interesting.

  8. Does anyone have a straight up list of the movies? It's difficult for me to go through the text on that page.

  9. It's sad that no one's talking about 2 serial killer films coming out next year.

  10. >!The spy was one of the leading spies in Europe. An injury inflicted to his vocal cords during a failed mission six years ago left him mute, forcing him to leave his profession. Now, six years later, he is sought out and put on confidential assignment by a former Yakuza, now a retired Japanese businessman in exile in France, to track down and kill the head of the most dangerous Yakuza family in Japan.

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