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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. too many fiery mushroom clouds going up in front of the court house, just to get such mundane news.

  2. Agreed. A lot of places I've been simply have a bollard preventing trollies or wheelchairs access to the escalator…

  3. bollards that prevent shopping carts would also prevent many americans from being able to access the escalator, which would cut into the mall's profits.

  4. His voice makes him seem like Josh Brolin’s unhinged brother. Fuckers got his own theme music and everything

  5. The powder casings are kicked out the front side of the gun mount.

  6. why don't they adopt a more gentle form of ejection so it doesn't mar the paint on the deck?

  7. If your engine is burning oil it would make sense for it to need new spark plugs. Burning oil Over time fouls the plugs and can also do a decent amount of damage to the catalytic converter (clogs it up).

  8. son of a gun, i didnt think of this. you're right.

  9. They cannot reject an oil consumption test. Do you mean rejecting engine replacement due to oil consumption or rejected combustion chamber cleaning?

  10. hyundai corporate rejected my request to do a 2nd oil consumption test. my car is CPO and has the 10/100 powertrain warranty, but hyundai corporate claims my car is not CPO, and thus does not have the 10/100 PT warranty, and is rejecting the request on the grounds that I am out of warranty.

  11. and you follow up with a triangle bayonet where the wounds are impossible to stitch and the rapscallion bleeds to death on the spot.

  12. dang you heard back in 7 days? it took me over 3 weeks just to get a call back from the national manager.

  13. btw JD power & associates reviews/rankings don't mean shit in terms of reliability. I think they only look at ~3 yrs or so of ownership, which is too short to get a grasp on how it'll hold up long term. I've seen audis place very well on JD.

  14. Like r.whitebeauty was literally banned even though it was just SFW photos of white people.

  15. That will smith movie with his kid as the main character. I can’t even remember what it’s called.

  16. if it has to come to this, then holy shit our country just might be starting to fall apart..

  17. I foresee a great tribulation ahead. By their own words it has "semi auto" and "not semi auto".

  18. yo that moe handguard looks really good on the dyson, makes it look like it belongs there wtf.

  19. NTs function within a social worldview based on status and normalcy that decries unpredictability and centers on planning for your future.

  20. is that a new gun from SA? is it an imported croatian VHS?

  21. had to withdraw some cash from a specific ATM that my bank allows no FX surcharge as a tourist in amsterdam.

  22. There’s literally 3 million of them that have been sold in the last 10 years.

  23. more suppressors sold annually than toyota tacomas annually

  24. Massachusetts is the same way.

  25. i read mass state police and boston police are issued suppressors to lower risk of hearing damage, because the police dept doesn't want to keep paying hearing damage claims as part of retirement benefits.

  26. I’m sure the 4 RAV4 Prime buyers had great opinions of them for $90k each haha

  27. I’m never one to complain about the car because i know what i was getting into when buying it. My reasoning for buying it was because of its great design and technology plus the 100k miles warranty. I’ll be covered for this repair & i know i won’t be keeping the car past 100k miles

  28. even when you have the 10/100, they try to weasel out of covering you.

  29. They didn’t vote third party though. The progressives tried to get Bernie as the nominee, but ended up with Hilary because the adults in the democrat party knew Bernie had no chance in the general election.

  30. there was a not-insignificant number of voters in critical counties who either sat out the election because it was the bernie way or no way, or voted for jill stein.

  31. I believe it is "Prior Approval" in order to begin the work, but I could be wrong. Do you have a communication channel I should use or more info about the NHTSA? I will not pass up a chance to bad talk Hyundai at this point.

  32. you can also call your state's AG office to ask about how to submit complaints against the manufacturer.

  33. ive only read in the news that NHTSA is reopening/widening their investigation. im not sure if there is a specific website to submit complaints regarding how the company handled the class action settlement.

  34. Sort of, but its mostly because of the ideas/political inclinations that are typical of people who live in a college town, despite the surrounding area being rural. Davis has a larger population in that County, so it has greater political influence. Then again, cross the bridge over to Sacramento County, the City of Sacramento in particular (where I live) which is dense and urban, but ccw here is de-facto "shall issue". It boggles my mind that I can walk around my densely populated Midtown neighborhood carrying, which is described by some as being liberal/progressive (idk about that, since most of my neighbors also shoot), yet someone who lives out in the country in Yolo County cannot.

  35. Some counties out there tend to issue them, but then again if you live rural enough why even need a CCW, you probably own land the size of a neighborhood and can walk around freely with a gun anyway

  36. yolo county is the only exception to that rule of thumb.

  37. in america, even pastors and mental health therapists believe owning, and being prepared with, an adequate defensive firearm is a reasonable precaution against reasonable threats.

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