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  1. Best bet is probably to reach out to the port developers (

  2. I’ll give this a crack. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Looks like Xbox/Microsoft problem…I’ll spare my venom for pubg….for now

  4. Awesome pattern work. My personal taste would keep the color scheme monochromatic… and then your lime yellow (or other non-monochromatic) color would really pop.

  5. I was smelling a rout of Jamaica. Jamaica scored and it was like we said Fk it that goal was stupid and wanted to rage quit while yelling fifa 2022 is unrealistic…hope the boys learn to get excited for the ugly games and not just the ‘big’ games.

  6. I enjoy Doyle, but as HC I prefer the crowd source approach…

  7. I love Reyna. I love timo . Give me 3-4-3 with reyna in the CAM playmaker and keep Weah as-is.

  8. What frustrates the hell out of me is that there is no communication (at least that I am aware of) that even acknowledges this by blizzard that this a problem on Xbox, or other consoles. Us consumers just have the assumption the pc update with queue system has just Locked out consoles in relevant regions.

  9. Xbox version* down for me …been trying for a hour but giving up.

  10. I am not sure what the game plan is with this unit on the field other than just don’t F up….this group lacks any visible purpose. Hope there’s changes or just pray for 0-0 game.

  11. This is much better version of Musah than the imposter we saw in first half

  12. Not a bad half but the final 1/3 was about as creative as a dead fish…

  13. I’m spent … please just end the game now.

  14. This thread is the only thing keeping me powering through this pos…. LFG 2nd half.

  15. USA 0 Shots on Frame….This….this is unfortunate.

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