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FBI refuses to answer if they participated on Jan 6

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  1. Then why is he not being investigated if this were true? He still started a riot.

  2. The FBI doesn’t have unlimited funds. They are triaging those who entered/damaged the capitol, committed violent acts, and verifiably led organizing efforts.

  3. Why are people on the left finding excuses as to why he should not be investigated yet because of pressure he testified in secret to the Jan 6 committee? No even knows what they asked him or are they even curious. If he is a right wing trump supporter you would think the left would be demanding he do some time.

  4. Understanding why he is not currently being pursued and wishing he were are not mutually exclusive.

  5. That's why I call you gullible, you need no scientific explanation and you'll literally fall for anything.

  6. Enjoy your dopamine.

  7. Anything Pfizer says, you'll fall for it.

  8. Anything your new-found club of like minded internet “experts” spews that makes you feel smart for once, you’ll fall for it.

  9. I don’t think you know what a play on words is.

  10. If “Ray Epps was a fed” is possible, why couldn’t it be the other way around?

  11. The stupidity in this thread is astounding.

  12. BS. You have no reason to say that, at all. Garland not commenting is converted by you--the fever swamp--into something nafarious about a guy who is just another Trump asshat. That's it. Don't be so gullible.

  13. If anything, why not this?

  14. A small liquid accident in the carrier and a little air sickness later, we landed safe and sound. BTV TSA was great. Thanks to all!

  15. Enough time to make a run to a pet store and maybe even a vet visit for gabapentin or such?

  16. A neighbor lent a harness. And the vet gave us that sedative. Getting him to swallow 1/2 a tablet took 2 people. Fingers crossed.

  17. 5 dead, 9 injured, TWENTY missing??

  18. What? All I said was I’ve seen this 15times in a couple hours. Not aggressive angry or hateful about a factual comment. Wtf is up with people today acting so weird

  19. Agree with the other poster. Try some basics first. You seem to have gravitated towards expensive boutique bottlings first. It should be the other way round. Also, Talisker is not Islay.

  20. Cool find. eBay says around $300.

  21. 👋 Hello there! I can also build custom mod watches based on your requests (costs around $250 - $300 usually). Send me a message to get started.

  22. Just put the Rolex dial back on it and sell it on

  23. Hypocrisy is their entire platform.

  24. it’s more like spin is their platform. That’s how trump romanced the whole party, spinning a story is his only talent, gifted to him by his cluster-b disorder(s?)

  25. His story spinning ability is crap. If his audience wasn’t comprised completely of idiot suckers he’d be nowhere.

  26. Some folks collect bottles. For example, my neighbor. He has a ton of empty Singnatory bottles. Me personally, I throw them into the cycling bin and be done with it.

  27. Do you live in Orkney? Had a cracking time at the Pomona Inn.

  28. People are buying to refill and sell to suckers. People don't drink the bottles they buy as investments so that $400 bottle that's a fake doesn't get exposed. Or the refill gets opened by somebody without the experience to know what it should taste like and if it's close enough to what's expected that's the end of it. Nobody want's to admit getting burned. It's difficult to prove.

  29. Makes perfect sense, but again, is this documented as actually happening, or is this what you’ve imagined could happen? Because I can totally imagine it happening, but have never read or heard any anecdotes.

  30. Nothing will happen. There’s literally not one revelation that will make any of their supporters reconsider their support. Their supporters have had a multitude of chances to be mortified by what we’ve all seen, and they chose to remain loyal.

  31. Is it about their supporters or about justice getting a choke hold on corruption?

  32. Well, I don’t know enough about the J6 committee’s powers, but if the process is anything like the TWO impeachments that the GOP Senate scuttled, I’m not confident this will amount to much.

  33. I hope this ends up amounting to a lot more than the Comey report.

  34. I would have named him Lorax.

  35. First rule of smoke…stay on Islay. Don’t buy speakers from a company that makes stereos and don’t buy peated scotch from a distillery that doesn’t do it 24/7 365.

  36. If he’s a peat fan, get him an Octomore. Any Octomore.

  37. Sounds interesting but it not being better than Uigeadail and twice as expensive is a bummer. Side point; that full on looks like Mike Myers on the label.

  38. That’s Mickey Heads. How dare you lol.

  39. Succession doesn’t have as many characters as got

  40. A photoshop sketch. SNE541 with Yobokies shroud and Miltat Bandoleer bracelet. Thinking of ordering the ingredients…

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