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Germany announces nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated

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  1. If you're not in my address book, you're getting blocked buddy.

  2. Where as wow would just make the armour stretch and clip to all hell..

  3. How does one enforce this?

  4. All unvaccinated must don a red star on their chest.

  5. The problem isn't the biomes, it's the land generation..

  6. Why dont you learn how to terraform and make your own land then? (Sorry if it seemed rude)

  7. That's not fun, then there's no exploration aspect :(

  8. Så må vi se hvilke læger kører rundt i porsche i overmorgen.

  9. Jeg har et godt arbejde. En god chef. En OK løn.

  10. Jeg forstår stadig ikke hvorfor vi har bestemt at vi skal arbejde 'fuld tid' hvis vi er færdige med vores daglige opgaver efter 2-4 timer..

  11. 37-timer om ugen er et levn fra dengang vi alle arbejdede på fabrikker :/

  12. Måske det er på tide at kigge på om det overhovedet er nødvendigt nu..

  13. It's definitely not the same, but I am not a fan. It's too much, everything is a mountain, it's actually taken a lot of the variation out of the game by making all the biomes essentially the same in terms of terrain.

  14. It's why I prefer using terraforge, a new realistic generation.. But they're not yet updated with caves and cliffs.

  15. I don't know, branding would suggest something like Arrow, don't you think?

  16. Oh wow. He's going to get a stern talking to from his mom and no actual consequences.

  17. Good thing his mother is in the midst of metamorphosis.

  18. Wait….She’s hasn’t reached her final form..?

  19. Man burde næsten bare klippe lortet ned så snart de ryger op, for at forbygge.

  20. Måske et system hvor de har for-læger, som sidder og spørger ind, og hvis det ikke kan klares med kamille-the og hvile, så kommer de ind til den praktiserende læge.

  21. Vis det, og spørger ungerne hva' der forgår så forklare du dem hva' de spiser på grønland.

  22. Prøv at sætte noget til salg på Facebook i stedet for. Det er sådan cirka 10 gange værre.

  23. Ever seen that John Mulaney bit, where he talks about the power of saying wife rather than girlfriend? This is the solution for people who don't want to spiral their lives into chaos:)

  24. The power dissipates if you say it in a Borat voice though.

  25. I expect that after the Queen dies, several other countries may choose to have a local person as head of state instead. Australia, for example.

  26. How many countries do you think tolerates the crown simply because of Liz, and will probably cut all cords when Andrew or Will takes the throne?

  27. Andrew hasn’t got a hope in hell of succeeding the throne. He’s something like 18th in the line of succession these days.

  28. Vi får forhåbentlig aldrig de tilstande, der beskrives derinde, til Danmark.

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